COTW| surf arts and culture community

This short article primarily introduces COTW| Club Of community art and culture of surfing The Waves Is a surfing and surf culture art website, the site displays from around the world surfing artists and photographers experience and works, including interviews, exhibitions, tutorials, for love surfing on the sea with more fun. Origin: surfing surfing is an ancient culture of Polynesian people. Their chief is the best in the wave driving technique, and has the tribe making the best use of the best surf trees. The ruling class and have the best beaches and board; general class people are not allowed to enter their beach, but people can through the excellent surfing technology and promotion to get these privileges.

South Korea Open Golf Tournament

The tutorial is the primary content that South Korea Open Golf Championship Golf Tournament (Korea Open) is a man of occupation since 1958 held a golf tournament, is also one of the Asian tour schedule, a bonus of more than $1 million. South Korea Open golf tournament since its inception, with a number of foreign titles, including the United States, Fiji's John Daly star Vijay Singh, San Sergio, spain. In 2016, South Korea open, South Korea's Li Jingxun won the championship.

The same OneAsia| Asian tour

The tutorial will be the main content that OneAsia| with an Asian tour with a Asian Golf Tour (One Asia) is the Asia Pacific region is comparable to the European tour and tour the new occupation golf tour. Is the first to create the top players for the Asia Pacific region occupation Golf Tour platform organization, the founding members include China Golf Association, Korea golf tour, Korea Golf Association and Australia PGA. The same events in Asia covering the entire Asia Pacific Regional occupation International Men's golf tournament, founded in 2009, aimed at the Asia Pacific Youth occupation competition international golf players provide opportunities, including organized Chinese Golf Association, Korea golf tournament, South Korea Golf Association and the Australian occupation association. In the previous season in the same sub

MoveWith| free audio fitness teaching platform

The tutorial would be the major content that MoveWith| free sound fitness teaching platform MoveWith Is a fitness instruction from the world's best fitness coach by voice platform, audio teaching by a professional fitness coach recorded to help users get professional on-site guidance, a great fitness exchange is the key to lead a healthy life. MoveWith The team is a group of passionate runners, cyclists, dancers, yoga, skiers and outdoor experts, through their own personal experience to record the teaching content, the user to select the appropriate training according to their own preferences and health.

Letour| Tour de France.

The tutorial is the fundamental content Letour| Tour de France official tour de France (Le Tour de France) is held in France and the world famous annual multi stage cycling sports, mainly held in France, but also frequented the neighboring countries (such as Britain, Belgium, and adjacent to the Spanish Pyrenees Mountains). Since 1903, held every year in the summer season around July, every 23 days, the average race over 3500 kilometers, not a complete schedule every year, but most of them are around France for a week. A complete schedule every year, but most of them are around France for a week. In recent years, always through central Paris before the end of the game after the Champs Elysees, and Eiffel Tower. The race is divided into many segments, from one town to another, each time ranking respectively.

UFC| the Ultimate Fighting Championship

The tutorial would be the most important content that UFC| America UFC UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship, referred to as UFC) is currently top of the world and the largest occupation MMA tournament, the tournament with no difference of dissimilar combat as a selling point, the game rules are very low, there are many events early in various countries of different schools of martial arts master in, leaving many classic games. The UFC event in 1993 the first run in the United States of Denver, the ring for the octagon landmark event, signing UFC occupation fighter through systematic and scientific combat training, combat ability with various technologies. In 2007, UFC acquired WFA and a series of small MMA fighting organization, will

ExRx: online community sports enthusiasts

This article mainly introduces ExRx: ExRx is an online community sports enthusiasts have more than 16 years of history of the old sports fitness, comprehensive site, provide resources for sports enthusiasts, coaches, fitness professionals, the site has more than 1600 kinds of sports, sports can be called the library. Covering a wide range of subjects, including the book, beginners exercise recommendations, weight training, fitness test, weight management, fitness, body measurement, expert advice, online shops and other sports products.

SportleTV: live sports network

This short article mainly introduces SportleTV: live sports network Sportle is a dedicated sports live video site, to help fans find their love games, support PC and mobile terminal, the main sports are football, tennis, baseball classification, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, basketball, etc.. At the same time, can also provide event schedule to watch live website etc.. Enter the Sportle site to see some of the best sports content is according to the classification, the so-called live game time schedule, users need to enter the video at the beginning of the ready-made game, click an event to view the game time, if we are live in, click on the watch button need to use Twitter or Facebook account to account login.

BikeTrials: climbing bicycle Knowledge Manual

The tutorial could be the key content BikeTrials: climbing climbing bicycle bicycle Knowledge Manual (Bike Trials) is an international professional biketrial knowledge popularization site, provide a barrier to bicycle basic knowledge, model selection, event introduction, event rules, evaluation models and other content, provide abundant professional knowledge for the love obstacles of bicycle user. Glossary: “ climbing bicycle (TRIALS) is one of the extreme sports. It originated in Spain for 90 years, is an extension of motorcycles and off-road cycling climbing. The athletes feet in a game of riding over an obstacle. The barrier is usually rock or a length of trees, of course can also be a box, cars and tables. In the race car and a touchdown was sent off

Pgatour: of the American occupation Golf Tour

This article mainly introduces Pgatour: of the American occupation Golf Tour PGA Tour (PGA Tour) also known as the PGA Tour, is an American occupation referred to golf series, is also responsible for the operation of the golf game occupation mechanism, PGA Tour events include the January to November every week of the tournament, including the Players Championship, federal FedEx Cup and the biennial Presidents Cup etc.. Three PGA tour tour operators in the United States, Canada and Mexico are also regularly organize events, events, PGA Tour (a top event) and Champions Tour (held for more than 50 year old golf players) and national tour (intermediate events). The PGA tour has a strong color of charity, often represent the host of the charity development degree. In addition to the individual