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How to download and install the Google font

The tutorial would be the most important content that to download and install the Google font More and more websites began to use Google fonts, we don't need to find the font in the Google font library, you can find a variety of excellent, how will the font download to a personal computer for use, such as Word, PDF or PS etc.. If you don't know the Google font, it should not be missed. Google provides font into more than hundreds of open source font, so far, Google has more than 600 font source font. You can view all of Google's open source font to http:\/\/\/fonts\/. If you need to use the Google offline open-source font, you must download and install these fonts to your power

The 8 paragraph is worth your collection of English fonts

The tutorial would be the foremost content 8 is worth your collection of English fonts The English letter is far less than the number Chinese Chinese characters, font production also want to more simple and convenient, it also makes the Internet there will be lots of free English font. As everyone knows, a design project if it comes to the font, play a crucial role in the choice of the font, and is often preferred to decide the design before the start of things. This is why many designers love font collection. This week WDL blogger again to share 8 excellent English font, if you are a small font control, you will strongly recommend this several English font collection storage. A unique font may often be your winning design, I hope you love. AttenticaBrassie RegularXXII

600+ can be used in web design or App design UI free profile Icon

This article mostly introduces 600+ or App UI can be used for web design design outline Free Icon The icon can make your website or app has a better user experience and more beautiful interface. Basically, the icon plays a leading role in the visual design, different style icons will directly guide the user on the site or program on different areas of interest. A good design, attractive icons that will improve your website or program to a new level, to attract more attention. In this article, we collected a number of design very good free contour icons, suitable for web design or APP design UI. These icons are mostly PSD format or AI format, EPS, SVG, PNG format. You can also read other related articles: Free Icons 8 free high quality We

Necessary: 172 Chinese font founder font download package

The tutorial would be the foremost content Chinese font essential: 172 founder font download package The founder font is the most outstanding Chinese font, such as font, font founder of Lanting Pavilion founder, founder of Nu Wa MicroHand font, font founder rhymes are very classic founder fonts. We usually in some print ads, TV ads, magazines and newspapers will often see the founder font, although most of the time we don't know it is the founder font. Most commercial founder font font, only a small part for individual users is a free license, only for personal computer display. The official launch of Founder Founder font character cool, contains 23 complimentary font, also provide 18 different styles of the font you need to buy used, each only 3 yuan. If you love so I suggest you buy the founder font, its personal authorization. Click to view details

The chalk font founder Xian Ren simplified font download

This short article primarily introduces - founder of Xian Ren simplified chalk font font download Remember the news reported the chalk brother Cui Xianren? The chalk font busk has now been officially launched Founder Founder Ren display font, font number 6763 words. Although the chalk font, but after the founder of the improved, and has formed a classic founder font. As everyone knows, most are from the founder font at hand, because it is very difficult to create Chinese Chinese characters font, each word set font will need a designer to describe the optimization, can say every word is a design, a Chinese font is more than 6000 design. This is why the type Chinese font font is far less than English reasons. It is understood that the founder Ren was 50 years simplified all copyright income are the property of "chalk

Free blog PSD template Blogo

The tutorial certainly is the major content PSD Blogo free blog template Independent design of the whole web page need to spend a lot of time, this is just for the need to establish a simple blog people, this is a bit unrealistic, unless you are a designer, producer and programmer of "combination of three. But most web designers can complete Web Programmer's work, he needs a good website template PSD. Blogo is a very simple and comfortable Blog PSD template, although the interface is very simple, but the layout of the page is very suitable for personal blog. I hope you love! Free blog PSD template: Baidu cloud Blogo

The 2013 Champions League runner up team Dortmund wallpaper

The tutorial would be the major content that in the 2013 Champions League runner up Dortmund team wallpaper To tell the truth, at the final of the Champions League, the team played in Dortmund is very good, the average age of a team of not more than 30 years of the team, has been able to kill the Champions League final has been quite good. But after all, "spicy ginger or old, the final Dortmund team did not stick to the goal in the second half, in the last field in less than 5 minutes when the Bayern team scored again. In fact, before there are a lot of fans are optimistic about the Dortmund team, 2012-2013 years in the Bundesliga, the two teams two match is 1:1. Dortmund also hope that the team can get the Champions League in 2013. In order to express the great Dortmund team's respect, share a number of wallpaper to Dortmund team fans. I hope

The 2013 European champions Bayern team wallpaper download

The tutorial could be the key content 2013 European champions Bayern team wallpaper download In 2013 the Bayern team is really strong, eventually to a 2:1 victory over Dortmund team won the Champions League in 2013. Although the first half of Bayern as the performance of the Dortmund team, but the rapid adjustment in the second half of Bayern, often pose a threat to the Dortmund team. In order to commemorate the Bayern team won the 2013 Champions League, Xiaobian specially will keep Bayern's wallpaper sharing, to provide Bayern team fans to download. Download the 2013 European champions Bayern team Wallpaper: Baidu cloud

Free download 50 cool tattoo font

The tutorial would be the most important content that free download 50 cool tattoo font I recently in the blog to see the article on the collection of free tattoo font collection of articles, a total of 50 kinds of tattoo font. In addition to these fonts can be used for the production of tattoo, you can also use these fonts to create logo. We usually watch movies or watch the game and can see the movie star or star is love some special shape font or pattern on the body, these fonts and patterns have a certain style, we call the tattoo font or pattern. The collected today 50 free fonts are tattoo font, the font can make use of these awesome tattoos, but of course, you can use to do the design. Such as logo, and can also be used in advertising design, media design and dynamic

8 free high quality Web\/App icon design set

This article mainly introduces 8 free high quality Web\/App icon design set Seen now put out the hammer system interface shoes, have felt inside the icon really suck, even dare to say chaoying. Some sites design casually abroad can be found than the hammer OS application icon beautiful several times icon. In the web design in the past few years, we have noticed that towards the simplicity and minimalism trend. Designers seem to have realized that no design is too complicated, without much effect. This means less 3D effect and gradual change, use more solid flat color. And today's 8 sets of icon design officially took such a routine, personal feeling, icon design is far better than the hammer inside the OS, don't know how you think. Premium Flat Social Icon Se