Youserials: software registration code search engine

This short article mostly introduces Youserials: software registration code search engine Youserials: registration code is a search engine specializing in search of various software registration code website abroad. Users only need to enter search keywords, such as Adobe Photoshop CS 3, you can find many KEY in the data table, including the addition of KEY, OS and software version for date. At the same time, YouSerials also provides a search box for the KEY plug-in, convenient query.

India Fefoo: network search

The tutorial is the fundamental content Fefoo: India search network even search engine market Google was a single large, even if YAHOO and Microsoft reached a cooperation agreement, even if the search engine set all kinds of search engines tools copycat version of the search engine will emerge from time to time, but the new search engine is still emerging, who call it the Internet the door? Even Google also launched a new search engine Caffeine (caffeine). The today so it Yahoo, aggregation of Google, Bing, Ask and other 18 kinds of search engines in a simple way, let you switch at any time. Fefoo is committed to providing a better search experience for users, developers from India Vivek Jishtu as the search engine tools

Yippy| deep web search engine

This article primarily introduces Yippy| deep web search engine Yippy Is a multiple search engine information with search engine in the integrated together and get statistical results, that is to say the other search engines search for the search engine, if you want to retrieve the dark network information, Yippy is a good tool. The conventional search engine, the robot spider crawling index file, but deep web pages are usually more difficult by conventional search to locate. This is very useful in Yippy. If you are looking for fuzzy interest blog, government information is obscure, difficult to find obscure news, academic research and other methods, obscure content, dark network because of its storage is difficult to find in the special shielding network, and Yippy provides search results will help you find not by traditional search engine to hide the web site.

Deep web search engine based on Pipl| characters

The characters of deep web search engine based on Pipl The tutorial would be the most important content that Pipl| Is a person born for information search on Web search engine. Different from the traditional search engine, Pipl is designed for retrieval of "deep web" of information and design. Pipl crawler can deal with a searchable database to extract personal information, contact information, membership directory, scientific publications, court records and many other content from the "deep web". You may use the Google, Bing and Baidu often integrated search engine, when they used to find time for relatives and friends, students and business partner specific characters, they may sometimes be able to provide answers to you, but in most cases they are incapable of action. The "deep web" also known as "invisible web"

Google advanced video search engine based on Pideoo|

The tutorial is the principal content Pideoo| Google advanced video search engine based on Pideoo Is a video based content search engine website, for fast video search services through advanced custom Google search strategy, Dailymotion, currently supports Youtube, Anitube, Himado, Say-move, PandoraTV and other video website content search.

Japan Ceek integrated meta search engine

This short article primarily introduces Japan Ceek integrated meta search engine Ceek search engine is a company registered in Japan in 2001 it is a Japanese search service platform, unified meta search engine, by searching in the composite search site, with the algorithm to calculate the consolidation alone results and displayed. Also ceek is a famous Japanese mobile phone search site, the user can input Chinese keywords to view the search results, show effect for some relevant reports, content display very complete, although Japan is a search engine, but it does not prevent us from using it.

ShortBooks| according to the length of Web Search Books

The tutorial is the primary content that ShortBooks| Short Books books according to the length of Web Search Is a Book of books to search according to the length of the search engine website, users can search for love of reading short English books through the search engine, so you can shorten the time of reading, the search of the search engine's books are from the Amazon store, free books here would not have found. Because of all the paid version.

Green Ecosia: search engine

The tutorial will be the main content that Ecosia: green Ecosia search engine Green is a search engine based on Yahoo and Bing, because the search engine is behind many of the high energy consumption of servers, each time a user clicks on the ad link, they will be at least 80% of the residual income of public donations, is focused on planting, to support their work to save the Amazon Xun Yulin. Ecosia is a German startup company B-labs founder, founder of Christian Kroll is in this project to set up its South American trip, B-labs said "search engine since its inception in December 2009, 80% of the advertising revenue will be donated, raised more than $1 million 500 thousand for the protection of forests", now has about 200 thousand users.

LabWorm| search engine research aggregation tool

This article primarily introduces LabWorm| Lab Worm search engine research aggregation tool Is a search and found that the current world is the most professional online tools of scientific research, scientists found other "tools" to help scientific researchers, encourage scientists to use tools to achieve the efficient scientific research project objective. In fact, Lab The Worm website is a creative development of the scientists themselves to research tools, the website is "tools" platform, other scientists can use efficiency and feedback and improve various voting tools for these tools, in which you will find various items in exclusive tools.

Google academic resources search engine

This article mainly introduces Google academic resources search engine Google scholar (Google Scholar) is a free search of academic paper web search engine, by computer expert Anurag Acharya development, November 2004 Google first released the Google academic search trial version, the index contains most of the world published in academic journals. Google academic search can help users find flat-share including journals, academic papers, books, preprints, technical reports, and abstracts of academic literature, content involves many disciplines, and through expert review, has a certain authority. Google also included the OAIater Open Archives Initiative collected by the millions of articles