JCD| Japan Business Environment Design Association

This article mostly introduces JCD| of Japan's Commercial Environment Design Association of Japan Business Environment Design Association (Japanese Commercial Environment Designers Association ) is the most authoritative evaluation institutions in Japan in a commercial environment design field, founded in 1961, its predecessor is the Japanese shop design association, and founder of the Japan JCD International Design Award in 1974. Here brought together a large number of excellent space design company. The beginning of 1974, they hosted "JCD Design Award (JCD Design Award)" Every year, the selection of outstanding business environment for all types of business, in order to show the trend of design of commercial space design and the different trend, and the extraction of new values and their evaluation

Helmfon| office distraction helmet

This article primarily introduces Helmfon| office distraction helmet Helmfon is the name of a helmet, by the design team in Ukraine Hochu Rayu design, its purpose is to keep the work focus through the helmet, a privacy space will give all we want, not only can sound, with many high degree of privacy utility function. I believe many people usually love to work in a quiet environment, but things often backfire, surrounded by all kinds of noise is difficult to concentrate on work, so many people will choose to wear a headset to solve the problem, of course, the appearance of more cool, you can customize the appearance of the helmet, let you not only keep the focus can attract eyeball. Although Helmfon The appearance looks a bit like a helmet motorcycle helmet, but the volume is obviously much larger, its shell is mainly composed of nitro paint coating

Japan Designclue trademark Crowdsourcing platform

The tutorial would be the major content that Designclue Crowdsourcing platform Designclue trademark in Japan Is the one known as the world's first cross language logo and icon Crowdsourcing platform, founded in 2012, to help the design of logos and icons for users to find the world's most outstanding designers, the user's needs will be translated into a variety of language promotion, let the designers from around the world can see. When the user needs across language barriers, distributed worldwide, more than 50 countries designers can see, if the designer is interested in, then these designers will give you their design works. You can communicate with the designer, can also choose a picture you satisfied with the work from.

GSUSA| American Graphic Design Magazine

This article primarily introduces GSUSA| American graphic design magazine business design magazine "GSUSA" is the United States one of the famous commercial design magazine, is committed to providing excellent design information for free occupation designers and studios, mainly covers the design of news, people, design projects, design trends, technology, products and services. The "GSUSA" services including website, monthly subscription, electronic design magazines and design contest, and the selection of graphic design, the annual best interior design, web design, packaging design, healthcare design and digital design awards. Graphic design award of the United States was founded in 1963, sponsored by the "American graphic design" magazine, every year, more than 50 years of history. It is not just for the students set up awards, all American professionals, design can participate. Awards

The German Aisslinger| product design studio

The tutorial would be the major content that Aisslinger| Werner Esslinger Werner (German product design studio Aisslinger) is a representative of Germany's famous "made in Germany" new school of design, the studio design firm he founded in 1993, specializing in product design and brand architecture, has a studio in Germany and singapore. Werner Esslinger has taught at the Karlsruhe School of design in Germany, his works have won numerous awards and exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, he reflected on the design characteristics of the product in the material change and innovation, and with experimental and artistic creation way, the existence of objects with more excellent design and practicality. Werner Esslinger's name is usually with creative use of new materials and experimental engineering design together

DarielStudio| Interior Design Laboratory

This article mostly introduces DarielStudio| interior design interior design studio (Dariel lab in Thomas Dariel Studio) is a Paris based interior designer Thomas Dariel founded, his ancestors were furniture designers and jazz musicians, more parents are architects, so be, his blood flows in the inspiration and design of the romantic impulse. Thomas introduced himself when he was little, and his family came to Shanghai when he was shocked to see her, he told himself: no matter where I learn, I will come back to Shanghai. And he did so. In 2006, 23 year old Thomas abandoned the French good life, with only one piece of luggage and filled with love for the Chinese culture, come, began his career. In Thomas

The castle | interesting handmade art network

The tutorial is the fundamental content | Stormwind interesting handmade art network (Srorm The Castle) storm the castle by the United States Will Kalif founded the Handmade class website, the website was founded in 2001, mainly taught readers free DIY handmade items, simple origami, these are DIY manual trail Seoul, the site also teach some of the medieval clothing, weapons, armor, Castle etc.. Although open the site looked very messy, and a little old-fashioned, but its website content quality, Will Kalif Youtube is the founder of the video display and column of medieval European medieval works, reducing various accessories, daily necessities, watching you will find it important to master a craft really, at this time is not reliable

InspirationGrid| lattice case network creative inspiration

This short article primarily introduces InspirationGrid| inspired creative inspiration lattice lattice case network (Inspiration Grid) is an outstanding creative talent from around the world to share the creative story, mainly involves the repair design, art, illustration, typography, photography, fashion, architecture, packaging design, product design, graphic design, the site was founded in 2011, looking for more inspiration to subscribe to this website.

CreativeOverflow| observation of creative design perspective

This article mainly introduces CreativeOverflow| Creative Overflow to observe the creative design perspective Is a commitment to share the creative design of the site, the target is to share the design works from all over the world through a large number of outstanding creative designers and creative articles, resources, tutorials and inspiration, the community was founded in 2009, if you want to find some ideas might concern the site. For creative inspiration, every angle is the one and only, observe different perspectives, see the results are not the same, everyone has their own unique view of the world, want to make their work more excellent and outstanding, we must learn from other people's point of view.

The international bicycle Architecture Biennale

The tutorial could be the key content International Bicycle Architecture Biennale International Bicycle Biennale (International Bicycle Architecture Biennale) is a creative agency Holland bicycle CycleSpace held an exhibition of creative design and construction of the National Bicycle, discusses how to use design better in the city to promote bicycle, to ease the traffic jam in the city. CycleSpace The forum and creative activities have centered on a variety of Bicycle Theme planning, hope to promote the city by car from the core to change more green and suitable direction. This bicycle Biennale, is held in Holland A part of the 2017 Global Forum for bicycle. However