Google Chrome64bit: 64 Download Web browser

This short article mainly introduces Chrome64bit: Google 64 Google Chrome64bit: 64 web browser to download the browser to download the network is a special release 64 Google Chrome browser website, do not update the latest version regularly provide portable version installed version, while also providing Chromium 64-bit development version. Users can directly download the 64 bit browser. We all know how to use the Google browser, large memory users use 32 bit browser a waste of memory, because it is a 64 bit system my notebook installed version of the browser problem provided by the official, cannot modify the data storage location, so I find this special offer 64 bit browser website, let more users can directly download, without additional settings

GroupSite: social social collaboration platform

This short article mainly introduces GroupSite: social GroupSite: social collaboration platform, socialization of social collaboration platform is a collection of a variety of functions of the social activities of Internet users tools platform, users can carry on the division of labor cooperation forum gathering member, provide team collaboration tools to interact more cooperation through this platform. GroupSite is the predecessor of CollectiveX. June 2009, customizable CollectiveX social networking service does not exist, while the &ldquo &rdquo community; social collaboration; will be replaced. Ordinary name is not likely to get popular, but a move to Groupsite &mdash for the core value of the service; — communication

Anonymous file sharing tool WIFI LibraryBox:

The tutorial would be the most important content that LibraryBox: WIFI LibraryBox: anonymous file sharing tools anonymous file sharing tool WIFI is a Wifi anonymous file sharing equipment, which is the sharing of system for chain of home equipment, low power consumption and documents, so that all can log in the Wifi network equipment to share files through a web browser. Even without the Internet, even if there is no electricity, can also share files with other people whenever and wherever possible, this is the venue, library, classroom file sharing magic LibraryBox WIFI devices, now officially launched version 2! LibraryBox is currently an open source project, all of the code can be found at GitHub, interested can download their own system Geek

SnapFiles: computer software download network

The tutorial could be the most important content that SnapFiles: SnapFiles: computer network computer software download software download site is a veteran of the software download site, was founded in 1997; to provide shared software and free software, software developers can provide their own software and can be set free of charge or charges, the web site of the software are all artificial audit, ensure software safety. On the website of SnapFiles software is a software company or the developer submitted by each software are introduced to provide a detailed description and developers link address, screenshot shows, software testing instructions and other information, detailed classification and complete software that won the majority of the user's favorite. Downloading quality software is safe

FreakShare: free online network storage platform

The tutorial would be the major content that FreakShare: online free online storage platform FreakShare: online free online storage platform is a shared file can earn euros SkyDrive Holland. Now the SkyDrive agent, to provide users with large capacity storage space, free users that have 2000G of storage space, single file upload limit 1024MB. After the upload will get a link, the link to others, others to download your files through this link. SkyDrive FreakShare features: 1, FreakShare is the easiest way to manage your online data. Even if the file is not a problem. 2, FreakShare services are free, fast, and easy. Just select a file, and then upload

OverPic: free unlimited network storage network

The tutorial is the primary content that OverPic: free unlimited web album free unlimited storage network OverPic: network storage network is a Swiss photo album free storage site, no need to register to upload, can support external links, also can upload 10 pictures, upload pictures of single size limit is 10M, support image format: JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF. Save the picture in OverPic images on the site can be set to save time (one day, one week, one month, three months, six months, and permanent) can also upload pictures through the picture of the network address, but not very stable, then upload the picture will automatically generate HTML code, code and other convenient forum users copy code chain. OVERPIC is an EAS

AOL Reader: RSS online subscription management platform

The tutorial certainly is the major content AOL Reader: RSS online subscription management platform AOL Reader: RSS reading online subscription management reading platform is developed by AOL, a RSS subscription management tool Google based on Reader, computer support, intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer; the overall design is simple and suitable for the users to use love reading. AOL Reader subscription classification and main item displayed on the left side, right side is a list of articles and contents, with Feedly somewhat similar, but it is not the same as the AOL Reader the right one more advertising. AOL Reader can be directly from the Google Reader reader automatically before the subscription content summary in support from other reading

Droplr: free online file storage and sharing platform

The tutorial will be the main content that Droplr: free online file storage sharing platform Droplr: free online file storage sharing platform is an excellent file storage and chain sharing website, users do not need to register to share photos, videos, documents, and can generate a short URL, Mac, Window and iPhone support equipment. The Droplr platform supports free users to upload files to the size of 1GB, can use 100G for free space charge version of $3.99 per month, free version of the advertisement, the charged version has more tools, such as URL and password encryption, can count how many people download your file can link the URL personalized custom; the. Need to pay attention to is not registered users to upload files will be deleted within 7 days!

Wordpress.TV:Wordpress blog platform video network teaching

This short article mainly introduces Wordpress.TV:Wordpress blog platform teaching video teaching video network Wordpress.TV:Wordpress network is a blog platform you can find any video content on the WordPress site. The site contains not only and teaching content, but also some videos of the past WordCamps. There are two main categories of Wordpress.TV video: 1, WordCamp TV, WP meetings, activities, lectures and related video. 2, How To, is a variety of WP functions, techniques and so on related teaching video. The present teaching video are very basic, but for some advanced W

NconNex: visualization technology innovation platform to buy furniture

The tutorial could be the key content NconNex: visualization technology innovation platform to buy furniture furniture to buy NconNex: visualization technology innovation platform is a furniture industry can change the shopping experience of the technical team, overseas students from the NConnex team with augmented reality allows you to see the real effect of placing furniture. Nconex development of the PicksureIt mobile application that you can directly see the furniture placed in the home of the effect. This paper used with plane marker to use, put the camera on the object space, furniture into the 3D model after you can see the furniture effect in the camera viewfinder, and can adjust the position angle from the direction of observation. NConnex has a Kinect to scan the furniture and generate the 3D model for rough, want to help plant