MoodListener: mood music player

The tutorial would be the foremost content MoodListener: mood music player (Mood Listener) the audience mood is a mood, emotional intelligence based music player, before we find their own music, it is now possible to recommend related music according to your mood, weekly updates of music artists to create emotional music.

Poland Woodstock Music Festival

The tutorial would be the foremost content Poland Poland Woodstock Music Festival, Woodstock Music Festival (Woodstock Festival Poland) is free tickets to music festival held annually in Poland City, the Oder kostrzyn upon music and art, its inspiration and name from 1995 at the Woodstock music festival. The music festival held each year at the end of 7 at the beginning of August, the style of music including rock, punk rock, reggae, rap music, folk music, heavy metal music, electronic music, etc.. Woodstock Music Festival is one of the major European Music Festival, and Glastonbury contemporary performing arts festival, Rock am Ring, Exit and music festivals. The first music festival began in 1995, because of the Woodstock Music Festival inspired

Fanburst foreign music streaming media network

This article mainly introduces Fanburst foreign music streaming media network Fanburst Is a specialized as a musician and music creators support upload development and share music, let the music artists unlimited uploads, wireless streaming media player, currently the largest upload to 1GB, users can listen to love indie music to the best original music here.

VirtOcean| online marine white noise simulation network

This article mainly introduces VirtOcean| online Virt Ocean network simulation of marine white noise Is a simulation based on the sea and underwater sound of white noise, let the user can hear the sound of the sea, you can also cooperate with the dolphins and other animal sounds to heal so not seen the sea or eager to hear the voice of the sea users group. VirtOcean Have a cool visual effect, and the voice of the most important marine, including dolphins, ships, waves, sea lions, starfish and conch, whale, and other seabirds sound, because the site is online simulation, the need to load the sound more, recommend the use of Google browser, open the web site can use the left arrow to the adjustment of the wave, you can click on the lower right corner of the icon to dive diving.

NJP| new Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

This article mainly introduces NJP| new Japan Philharmonic New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra (New Japan Philharmonic) is a Japanese Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, one of the members is Japan's Symphony Orchestra League, founded in 1972, by Ozawa Seiji served as honorary conductor laureate. The sound of music hall is mainly ink Tiansan show Nippon Philharmonic Orchestra venues. The new Japan Philharmonic Orchestra annually held 160 live concert, the audience estimated at more than 200 thousand people. A lot of animation soundtrack, original soundtrack, OVA soundtrack, the soundtrack was played by the band, including the film Ponyo on the cliff, spirited away; TV Superman machine, GKFG; game Onimusha, tales of legendia etc.. The orchestra works mainly include: Game: many video game soundtrack by the orchestra, including Ren

Most of the country's national anthem.

The tutorial could be the key content the National Anthem world anthem included (National anthems of the. World) is a collection of the world national anthems of the site, the world's oldest national anthem was established in 1658, most of the national anthem was established in nineteenth Century and twentieth Century, the national anthem has played a historical process established by the state, the website can query the National Anthem of any country in the world. The national anthem is a national government officially recognized by the national or use, on behalf of the state in the traditional music, generally with patriotic colors. Is used in many occasions, played in the national holiday, often used in sports competitions, in order to arouse national patriotism or expression. In the flag raising ceremony, the national anthem is usually used as playing music when lifting the flag. All over the world by the National Anthem

HipsterSound| focus on the work of environmental noise

Hipster Sound The tutorial is noise the fundamental content HipsterSound| dedicated to work Is a computer to help workers stay focused, improve productivity or by creating a stress free atmosphere to relax the music therapy site of body and mind, the website provides public demonstration version of the sound offers a free version of the custom sound, simulate all kinds of environmental sounds, focusing on high fidelity white noise environment service. Glossary: "white noise power in each frequency band is the same as the voice signal, the white light is composed of a variety of frequency (color) of the monochromatic light mixture, so that the signal has the properties of flat power spectrum is called" white ", this is called white noise signal. In contrast, the other does not have this property is called the colored noise noise signal." White noise has the following functions: 1

ClassicalArchives| Classical Music Archives

This article primarily introduces ClassicalArchives| classical music archives of Classical Music Archives (Classical Archives) is one of the Internet's largest classical music website, contains tens of thousands of classical music files, originally opened in 1994, mainly as a free resource base in 2000 with the website for classical archives. Classical music inspired the greatest figures in human history, Einstein, in the most extensive level, classical music is the most ancient music genre in the world. The root of it in Eleventh Century, and in one thousand years is still strong. So there are a lot of materials for you to explore, and the classical archives is incredible. The incredible data website included, which included the composer from more than 21000, 87000 and 620 artists

MusicBrainz| open music Encyclopedia

This article primarily introduces MusicBrainz| music open Encyclopedia MusicBrainz Is a free music database, aiming to become a meta database of digital audio and video, and not just CD track information, it is called "open music encyclopedia", the original founding purpose is for the CDDB limit, but now no longer confined to the CD target set after data storage, and expand the a structured "Wikipedia music". MusicBrainz is dispersed, it will be more Web Position information together. You can easily access the server as open source software. At present there are about one million pieces of information. Based on the data of RDF This format, which makes the service has some advantages of the one and only. First, each track (and

Swiss jazz music radio

This article primarily introduces Swiss jazz music radio Swiss Jazz radio (Radio Swiss Jazz) is a Swiss jazz music based radio music station, with excellent quality and stable transmission, open the page directly display program table day (+7 hours), you can enjoy the right to choose some playback software, as well as the jazz music database for reference.