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The Japanese version of the PIBO| story books for children

This article mainly introduces PIBO| Japanese version of story books for children PIBO Is a 0 to 12 year old Japanese friends launched the sound of children's story books, there are more than 370 books and can be completely free to read, every book by professional dubbing audio recording, drawing collocation high-quality content, practice listening and reading ability. Just beginning to learn Japanese, usually contact only the content of the textbooks, but if you can see a Japanese children's cartoon book or story on their learning outcomes more confident Oh! Because it is designed for kids, so the language will relatively simple, but speaking speed will be relatively slow, for beginners, easy to understand. Because the original target user is a Japanese children, so the whole App There won't be any Chinese, so if you do not understand the words appear, construction

SmileTherapy| smile to change the mood of healing application

This article mainly introduces SmileTherapy| smile change the mood healing application treatment (Smile smile Therapy) is a mobile phone to record a smile exclusively through the application, scientific proof of the human smile can improve your mood, reduce stress, the use of this application can practice your smile, of course can also publish your exercise effect to the circle of friends to influence more people. The study found that a smile can not only change the mood, also can help you lose weight, help sleep, foreign researchers found that 10 to 15 minutes of happy smile, can "burn" out of the human body is equivalent to a large piece of chocolate calories. The researchers played 5 comic fragments to the volunteers, each lasting about 10 minutes. The volunteers were laughing comedy. At the same time to they measured the heart rate and respiratory status, and rest

SleepTown: sleep schedule town law application

The tutorial certainly is the major content SleepTown: sleep sleep regular rest town (Sleep Town) application of small town is a regular routine health training to help users App. A daily sleep, you set up the goal, you could build a house with a fine house. Begin to build your own mobile phone before going to bed down, sleep in the small town of sleep! Develop good habits: 1. regular schedule set a challenging target bed, wake up time; 2. every day in bed before opening the target time app, started building houses; 3. get up at the target before the mobile phone shake wake look at what the new housing cover last night; 4. repeat 1~3, you will have a good habit of regular work and rest, and a vibrant town of sleep. Regular schedule: 1. set,

PhotoGrid| goddess photo beautification filter

The tutorial could be the most important content that PhotoGrid| filter goddess PhotoGrid is a photo editing application on the most popular iOS\/Android graphic APP, itself contains a collage, filters, characters and so on, PhotoGrid recently launched a goddess filter function, can be naturally synthesized in the face of the goddess powerful editing tools, all have very simple, P map. [iOS\/Android]1. splicing: more than 300 different splicing ways, a number of different splicing to create surprise, even can set their own mosaic appearance. The strong support of 15 pictures and stitching, meet all splicing needs, you may show infinite creation; 2. Landscaping: rich tools panoramic view, including: adaptation Instagram

AirVisual| global air pollution monitoring application

The tutorial will be the main content that AirVisual| global air pollution monitoring application of AirVisual is based on a forecast for the global air quality index of the platform, support PM2.5 AQI, real time monitoring, such as haze, can provide more than 2000 Chinese air monitoring stations real-time air pollution and weather information for you, the goal is to improve the world awareness of air pollution, and ultimately can really change the global air quality. AirVisual features: air pollution and weather forecast within 1.+72 hours: help you advance planning your trip. The history of 2.+, real time, air pollution prediction: a detailed introduction of the main pollutants, more than more than 5000 City air quality index information in 25 countries, with particular attention to the city Chinese. 3.+ health care

BookOut: read track management application

This article mostly introduces BookOut: Book Out tracking management application of reading books Is a mobile terminal application to help users to track and manage books, allows users to develop reading habits and through extraordinary data to understand the overall progress you, every book of this extraordinary data is the fact that you are reading to generate extraordinary information chart. BookOut features: 1. track and manage all your books in the library; 2. real-time tracking of your reading, reading daily schedule; 3. for each book to add references and ideas; 4. by scanning a ISBN code or search on the web to get detailed information of each book; 5. mass reading data: insight into the total reading time. The total number of pages, reading, reading speed, reading the daily time; 6. set monthly \/ annual target; 7. by promoting you stay motivated to unlock achievements and read more books

Android AppSales| limited free application list

The tutorial is the principal content AppSales| Android App Sales limit free application list is abroad a special collection and sharing Android limited free application information from the Google site. The application of promotional or limited free screening of the Play app store, view the history of price, price support added attention this week, most want to apply the ranking and other information.

HabitBull: smart habits record correct application

The tutorial is the primary content that HabitBull: smart lifestyle record correct application of HabitBull: intelligent life record correct application is a powerful mobile phone partner, can help you to track and collect the day living habits and actions, measure and action analysis of your data, and remind you that it is not a good habit need to correct. Everyone will have some small problems, such as smoking, drinking, indecent posture and nail biting and so on, if you want to change the bad habits we need to constantly remind and supervise, have a HabitBull mobile phone application can quickly help you to correct the bad habits, and cultivate good habits can provide quality of life and work.

WmPowerUser:Windows Phone mobile phone community authority

This article primarily introduces wmPowerUser:Windows Phone wmPowerUser:Windows Phone mobile phone mobile phone community authority authority community is the world's largest independent Windows Phone community, the latest development trend of the WP mobile phone software and hardware development, release, evaluation, recommendation information such as mobile phone. WP Windows Phone, Windows Phone is a mobile phone operating system released by Microsoft, it will be Microsoft's Skype, Bing, Xbox Live Xbox Music games, music and unique video experience to integrate in mobile phone. Although the iOS system and Android system is currently the most popular mobile phone system, but also the WP system

Logo Maker Shop by making LOGO application template

The tutorial certainly is the major content Logo Maker Shop LOGO application of text and graphic design tools by Logo Maker (creator of the template Shop) is a help users generate a has a high value of LOGO Yan in a few seconds, the user does not need to know how to design knowledge, you can make a nice LOGO icon. Logo Maker Shop Choose a template to create thousands of preset sign from professional designers, and provides 1500 kinds of fonts, symbols and background resources, the most important thing is that you don't have to start from scratch, from only need to choose a suitable set of templates you can use your imagination.