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UCiC| quiz photos of social applications

The tutorial is the primary content that uCiC| interactive photo social applications uCiC Is a stranger to let users through the research all over the world mobile phone quiz photo exchange application, as long as you can join to ask other users around the world, then the other side to share photos back, let you know each other in the city landscape by way of taking pictures of strangers. In addition to photos may also request a shooting film but it is difficult to predict the dynamic, the other side will send photos or videos to what is, all of the photos will be open in the program, but also take the initiative to ask, to appreciate other people have to share photos, and the photos of the "love" to love or leave a message comment. Another added other users will find you on the map, and ask you questions, though it is English, but the program has the function of automatic translation, in the picture

Fandom| entertainment network fans

This article mostly introduces Fandom| entertainment network entertainment fans fans network (Fandom) is an entertainment culture fan site wiki owned by Wikipedia, with a huge data master Wikia, which has 360 thousand theme community And the monthly visits reached 190 million times, to encourage fans: insights on entertainment culture. Fandom is a fan of creation, creation of media sites for fans. Fandom not only through content creation and online discussion let fans full of their love of popular culture comments, the more they create a popular cultural knowledge cooperation platform for the world's largest. Anyone can use Fandom to create a new wiki community, or to participate in the 360 thousand community of fans already exist, reading and the contribution of the new content, or to participate in the discussion and launched a new. Fando

OK.RU: Russian students social network

This article mostly introduces OK.RU: Russian students social network (Odnoklassniki) network of Russian classmates is Russia's largest social networking platform, founded in 2006, headquartered in St Petersburg in Russia, originally for Russia and other Soviet countries money for users to provide alumni social networking service, with the continuous development, has become the largest social networking platform in russia. Founder Albert · popkov initially used the Odnoklassniki domain name, the domain name enabled short, in 2008 the site was sold to digital sky technologies. If you want to understand the local customs and practices, the human geography of Russia, might as well from the social network of localization.

The artist CrowdAlbum: social media platform

This short article mainly introduces CrowdAlbum: artist social media platform CrowdAlbum is a specialized polymerization of photos and video artists to share content from social media platform, and currently has 1000 artists and venues for cooperative activities to create a photo album, the site has been Spotify's acquisition of music streaming media platform, is used to increase the viscosity from social attributes and let more singers settled, to attract user use. The CrowdAlbum platform is actually a musical performance from the polymerization in the photo and video content, providing visualization of their album is displayed to the user for the artists, professional can increase communication and interaction between artists and fans, this is the important reason why his company acquired Spotify.

Blaving: voice online social networking platform

This article primarily introduces Blaving: online voice social platform Blaving website is a different from ordinary social network dating sites, popular social network is through the text and pictures to communicate, and the site is to communicate by voice, users need to input text, only through the microphone and headset to communicate. To provide users with the ability of language expression. The login need to register as a member can communicate, here you can send messages via instant voice recording, support PC, iPhone, blackberry, Android terminal and other mobile terminal; the site currently supports English, Spanish and portuguese.

RivalMessenger: instant messaging chat tools encryption

The tutorial could be the key content RivalMessenger: instant messaging chat tools Rival Messenger encryption is an instant message manager based on windows, it has the appearance of ICQ, ICQ, MSN, YAHOO in various news focused on an interface, which face the user, also has a chat and browsing function, provide high security privacy communication services for users. At present, most of us are using the most popular chat software QQ, considering the security of the Internet, more and more people began to pay attention to the problem of leakage protection of personal privacy, so the Internet in need of a new encryption communication tool of IM, but due to the scope of use of many excellent encryption communication tools are better the development, if your team or industry need a plus

FavstarFM:Twitter tracking platform

This article mostly introduces FavstarFM:Twitter tracking platform Favstar FM is a website to help users use the Twitter to track what people of the Twitter message of the user, and the number of them, when Twitter released a single user bookmarks to share with more users or be reproduced in other users, reflect on the Favstar website popular the ranking will be promoted, you can watch the latest hot posts. Use Favstar FM Twitter to synchronize requires users to login, so Favstar can tell you the data to get the information of the subscription list, users every day will update, Favstar can help users find the content you love, when you read an article, you

Streaming media aggregation network social network StreamAlong:

The tutorial will be the main content that StreamAlong: social network streaming media network Stream Along TV polymerization site is a polymerization site of streaming media content based on Twitter website, together with the Twitter website, fashion, life, delicacy, music, news, sports, tourism and other aspects of the information resources, let love mining things users can browse the hot topic whenever and wherever possible in the social group.

Niltalk: registration free private chat room platform

The tutorial would be the foremost content Niltalk: registration free private chat room platform Niltalk website is an online chat room without registered community, high security mechanism, the user dialogue is through the SSL encryption mechanism, IP address, user information is not recorded; the use method is simple and practical, safety requirements for high the user may wish to try. Niltalk is very simple to use, open the website, set a password, and then set up a chat room, you can generate a random chat link, the comparison of different Niltalk is not random and find someone to chat online tools, but allows you to invite more friends to join the conversation service, support Chinese and other languages. When the chat room is established, in the first time into the top will be available for 120 minutes, when 10 minutes without

OutLoud: audio podcast network based on Twitter

The tutorial will be the main content that OutLoud: Twitter audio podcast websites based on OutLoud net is a very simple online to listen to the voices from around the world, and the development of Twitter based web site, a collection of all kinds of audio resources on the Twitter website, the user can according to their own preferences to listen to, the longest audio file is only 15 seconds. Hello, content for greeting, complaining, etc.. If you are learning English so well on this website, the audio content can listen to the OutLoud site every day, also support voice response, is a good place to practice English listening.