RealSimple: American life fashion magazine

The tutorial would be the most important content that RealSimple: American life fashion magazine RealSimple: American life fashion magazine is the United States magazine, advocating simple life philosophy, which contains Home Furnishing, delicacy and fashion plate, let you feel another simple life in the busy work. RealSimple magazine pays attention to the small details of life, you change the wrong way of life, especially for women's life, health, beauty and so on.

PopulArmechanics: American Popular Mechanics magazine

The tutorial is the fundamental content PopulArmechanics: PopulArmechanics: America American magazine popular mechanics magazine is aimed at mechanical machinery new products and new technology, and the progress of science and technology, including cars and household, shops and outdoor mechanical products, is the main mechanical science journal. The American Journal of popular mechanics is the latest development on science and technology will affect your house, car, computer and electronic products, consumption, and even your health. The American Journal of popular mechanics is a famous American science and technology magazine, first published by H. H. Windsor published in January 11, 1902, there are nine international editions, including Latin America, South Africa, each public machinery to provide readers: automotive, DIY, technology, and outdoor Science

French fashion magazine JalouGallery online video gallery

The tutorial would be the most important content that JalouGallery French fashion magazine online video gallery JalouGallery French fashion magazine online video gallery is an online video platform at the French publishing group was founded, with an interactive exhibition space, giving new artists and photographers bursts the opportunity, every rookie video space, with the show their new. Jalou video library goal is to provide up-to-date fashion information for artists and photographers, from fashion, the latest fashion trends and luxury goods exhibition, art. Most new artists and designers, video production mode, fashion magazine shoot etc..

Italy SoupMag.IT creative magazine

The tutorial is the fundamental content Italy SoupMag.IT Italy SoupMag.IT creative creative magazine magazine is one of Italy's outstanding creative magazine, art, design, creativity, music, culture and other content; is a good place for creative designers to exchange can release works. SoupMag.IT website every creative works are especially creative design in detail, introduces the source of artistic and creative works.

Chip: IT computer magazine official website

This article mostly introduces Chip: IT computer magazine official website Chip: IT computer magazine is one of the best sites in the world IT industry magazine, providing authoritative evaluation and application of information technology products, belonging to Germany Vogel media group, with 12 countries published in different language versions. CHIP is the world's most influential magazine IT, has used product evaluation and technical authority, was born in Germany Vogel media group, CHIP has become the market leader in Germany computer from its initial, and become one of the most popular computer magazine. CHIP covers practical content rich, currently 12 countries in Europe and Asia are published in different languages, in the global network, a monthly magazine CHIP has 770000 subscription groups, and there are more than 2800000 readers. CHI

ChineseWorldNet: Global Finance magazine official website

This article mostly introduces ChineseWorldNet: ChineseWorldNet Global Finance magazine's official website, the official website of global finance is a key research in developed and emerging markets for industrial docking, hot and difficult international economic fields for panoramic tracking, analysis, exclusive authority; of well-known companies all, subject survey interview. This is a study on China enterprise internationalization of large financial magazine. The "global financial" focus on financial events specialization, subject research, event planner, superb when research, authority, “ three ” the characteristic, will provide under the background of global leading story and insights for the reader, and the global development of ideas, build the global market with the Chinese and foreign corporate communication platform. "Global finance" by the State Council Development Research

NextIssue: electronic magazine subscription platform

This article mainly introduces NextIssue: NextIssue: electronic magazine subscription platform electronic magazine subscription platform is a new magazine subscription model, pay ten dollars a month, you can have all the software on the Issue Next magazine subscription. NextIssue pay model is very simple, users only need to pay $9.99 a month, to subscribe to software all monthly and fortnightly magazine; or pay $14.99 subscription includes all the weekly magazine. So that users don't have to pay for a subscription to the magazine, which is convenient, but also can reduce the cost, also can subscribe to any interested magazine. Next Issue magazine can be read online, also can be preserved for offline viewing. Next Issue new users can have a 30 day trial period, the future of public

NextShark| Asian youth culture magazine

This article mainly introduces NextShark| Next Shark Journal of Asian Youth Culture Is a focus on the youth market in Asia online magazine, covering the Asian youth culture, science and technology, news, entertainment, sports and other areas, there is a multimedia opened for teenagers, the youth of different ages according to the website, it seems that the Internet age trend of subdivision is more and more apparent.

Muscle Fitness Journal of muscle and fitness training

This short article mostly introduces Muscle magazine and Fitness muscle fitness training muscle and fitness magazine (Muscle Fitness) by IFBB international bodybuilding Federation founder Jo Wade (Joe Weider) was founded in 1935, is the world's first professional fitness enthusiast magazine, published monthly, dedicated to the transfer of the most advanced and cutting-edge knowledge of fitness and nutrition professionals. The American magazine "MUSCLE&FITNESS" With a readership of more than 7 million, the fitness magazine NO.1 fully deserve to sit throne. Chinese fitness areas also need professional training guide, and "MUSCLE&FITNESS" The introduction of Chinese, combined with Chinese fitness culture, do a job for the Chinese "muscle and health" Miscellaneous

Luxemburg "Pizzicato" classical music magazine

This article mostly introduces Luxemburg "Pizzicato" classical music magazine "Pizzicato" is a classical music magazine, founded in 1991, founded by Luxemburg publisher Artevents, Luxemburg released in a month. The magazine contains news, features, interviews and reviews CD and DVD. Journal of each period will set a prize, since the beginning of 1995 awarded outstanding and supersonic award, now has a monthly award and a supersonic award.