The United States revenue data map visualization

The tutorial would be the most important content that Rich Blocks America income data visualization map Poor Blocks is a website through the map to show the United States each state and county population, income, education, rent, purchase cost and other data website, if you look at the data word knowledge did not see what the. The visualization of large data really is better than thousands and thousands of words. The site supports users to compare the different parts of the data, citing user “ The median household income in my county is $17898, which is about half of what is required to

Earth911: network using daily life waste coup

This short article primarily introduces Earth911: daily life waste coup network Earth911: daily life waste recycling network is a coup to help users solve the time, money, avoid living sites of extravagance and waste, we have no life supplies a lot of things are abandoned, the idea and method of ingenious, the waste materials use, reduce life consumption, provide quality of life. Earth911 is a waste of attention and fight website. Long ago, a small company with lofty ambition was born. Now the company has grown, the hope can provide rich resources for users. Every day we are making a lot of waste, why? In fact, there is no need to be so many items are wasted. Earth911 is your preferred resources reduce daily life waste, to help users improve the life

GoodGuide: life shopping network navigation

This short article mainly introduces GoodGuide: GoodGuide: life life shopping navigation network shopping navigation network is a charge on the health assessment and shopping platform, the platform was established in 2007, founded by Professor Orok of the University of California and the team, through the health index analysis of each product for the user to recommend more environmentally healthy consumer goods. GoodGuide provides the world's largest and most reliable product information resources for users. The information covers health, environmental and social impact of consumer products. With GoodGuide, you can find more healthy, more green, more socially responsible products. You can search or browse more than 145000 kinds of food, toys, personal care and household products, can easily understand the best and worst products of same type products. In addition, you can

Yell: British local business search engine

This article mostly introduces Yell: the local commercial search engine Yell: UK local business search engine is the local search engine business, providing business information, including business name, address, telephone number, according to the region and the name of the enterprise content for search. The city has a local search: London, Glasgow, Bermingham, Manchester, Bristol, Belfast, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Hongkong, Newcastle, Sheffield, Aberdeen, Liz, Cardiff. Search for local businesses and services from across the UK on Yell. Find the right business for your needs u

AHD: American Hospital Directory query network

The tutorial would be the major content that AHD: AHD: America American Hospital Directory query network hospital list query network is a U.S. hospital distribution database website, provide data and statistical information of 6000 US hospitals, including public and private hospitals, such as medical insurance claims data, hospitalization expense report, and business license other information. The use of the hospital information website can be used without registration, general search tools to query the hospital information you need to know, including hospital information, hospital services, certification status, financial information etc.

DailyHiit: daily life fitness sharing network

The tutorial is the principal content DailyHiit: daily life fitness sharing network DailyHiit: daily life fitness sharing network is a life of health, delicacy of healthy life guide provides aerobic exercise to increase physical course, help people better, keep in good health. TheDailyHiit is about living it, and anyone serious about fitness knows that living an active life means eating healthy, delicious foods and keeping your mind and BOD

HealthCentral: the United States health information network

This short article mainly introduces HealthCentral: of the American health information network HealthCentral: American health information network of the United States to provide a health and medical information website, to help people tens of thousands of improvement and control of their health and physical condition. HealthCentral health center includes thirty-five different column ", respectively, provide clinical diagnosis resource and real help health. Health resources and tools in this website is very good for people, to help people live more healthy and more satisfied. HCentrals mission is to empower millions of people to improve and take control of

Werd| man recommended technical equipment

This short article primarily introduces technology Werd| Werd recommended man Is a man dedicated to sharing love equipment and need a variety of skills of the site, the site covers almost all areas of the gadget, if you want to know how to do the best barbecue, with all kinds of high-tech products, play the most cool machine in the room, all can be found here. Men love to play what? This topic and everyone's ideological level, education level, wallet size has a direct relationship, of course, you don't need money, not lack of time, can play things too much, taste and feelings of men are interested in machinery, DIY, a variety of high-tech products, if you haven't found you like, take a look at this website.

The online edition of the Merck medical treatment handbook

This article primarily introduces online edition of Merck medical diagnostic Handbook "Merck diagnostic Handbook" is one of the most widely used in the world of medical information resources. This manual is committed to 2020 to reach as high as 30 continents Billion health care professionals and patients to provide the best medical information. This manual, in the United States and Canada called "Merck Manual", in the United States outside area known as the "MSD" manual therapy. Kenilworth Merck & Co., New Jersey, Inc. (outside the United States and Canada known as MSD) is a leading health care to improve the well-being of the world. From the new development of therapies for the treatment and prevention of diseases, to meet the needs of the people, we are committed to improving the health and well-being of people around the world. In this manual First published in 1899 as a community service. This will be a valuable resource

Volcaloka| focuses on the Internet interesting story

This article mostly introduces Volcaloka| Volcaloka an interesting story about the Internet As a share of DIY, inspirational, quiz, delicacy, health, photography, psychology, art, life and other aspects of the content, the website aims to tell the readers a kind of Internet attitude to life, through the collection and sharing of high-quality content to guide users to the Internet should be a kind of way of life.