Poland National Science Center in Poland | website Poland website, collect the Poland tourism, culture, excellent website news and other popular classification _.

This article mainly introduces Poland National Science Center in Poland | website Poland website, collect the Poland tourism, culture, news and other popular websites classification. _ Poland National Science Center (The National Science Centre) is a government funded agency, supervised by the Ministry of science and higher education, founded in 2011. Poland National Science Center is responsible for providing financial support for basic scientific research and projects, and help them in the scientist's entire occupation career, to support basic research of Poland.

DataGov| U.S. government data platform

The tutorial could be the most important content that DataGov| Data Gov the U.S. government data platform Big data open platform founded by the U.S. government, the main goal is to open the United States federal government data, by encouraging innovation, let the data out of the government, by using more innovation. The government, society and enterprise data can be downloaded for free from the website, also can develop the use of web API to achieve the third party application of the rich. The long-term development of the informatization has accumulated a lot of experience and materials for big data applications, and to explore the utilization value of government data in the sense of acceptance, so big data applications in the field of government in the development and has a good foundation. The U.S. government data open platform has hundreds of government databases, from all of the United States federal government

The European Southern Observatory organization ESO|

The tutorial would be the foremost content ESO|, the European Southern Observatory organized the European Southern Observatory (The European Southern Observatory, abbreviation ESO) is an astronomical research institutions government organization, founded in 1962, aims to study the southern hemisphere astronomy, and supported by 15 countries. The European Southern Observatory organization is designed to provide advanced facilities and shortcut for European astronomers to study the southern sky. The organization is headquartered in Germany near Munich Jiaxing, employs about 730 staff members, every year and received about 131 million euros of funds. The European Southern Observatory construction and operation of some of the known largest and most technologically advanced telescope, including the new technology telescope's first active optical technology,

Rosellinisfour| marine ecology research expedition ship

The tutorial will be the main content that Rosellinisfour| marine ecology research expedition ship Rosellinisfour-10 is Norway Kjell Inge Rocco (Kjell Inge Rkke) combined with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Norway branch of scientific research cooperation to create the world's largest research vessels, in order to study the marine ecological environment, help clean up the marine garbage. Kjell Inge Rocco is a fisherman, started by fishing and energy, is now Norway's tenth richest, with Norway shipping and offshore drilling company Aker nearly 67% of the shares, in 2017 5 He is worth about 27 months Billion, the ship inspection activities for the research and design, to solve the environmental problems in the Arctic Ocean, the cruise and tropical regions

IAP: International Association of Prosecutors

This article mainly introduces IAP: IAP IAP (International Association of Prosecutors) is currently the world's only international prosecutors organization, its purpose is to promote the implementation of the United Nations to establish the criterion of prosecutor procuratorial organs of all countries in the world, to strengthen the effective cooperation between the procuratorial organs and personnel. The International Association of prosecutors was founded in 1995 in Vienna Office of the United Nations, is committed to the harmonization of national prosecutors to strengthen cooperation in combating all types of transnational crime, close cooperation between the regional development of prosecutors, prosecutors encourage countries to strengthen information exchange, enhance the operational capacity and improve the occupation moral level etc.. Since its establishment in 1995, the impact of the International Association of prosecutors is more and more big, its membership has been around the world in 145 countries and

FCC: the US Federal Communications Commission

The tutorial is the principal content FCC:, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (Federal Communications Commission Federal Communications Commission, FCC) is an independent federal agency, authorized by the U.S. Congress act was founded, and by the leadership of the Congress; the United States this year, the Senate voted down FCC Bill, allow users to share network providers free web browsing information, which led to a public outcry. Hot: the United States Senate voted FCC to collect user information act] the Federal Communications Commission was established by the communications act of 1934, replacing the original Federal Radio Commission, and is responsible for the provision of radio spectrum non federal government agencies all use (including radio and television broadcasting), the United States domestic and international communications (including fixed telephone network

The Japanese referee judiciary

The tutorial would be the foremost content, the Japanese referee judiciary Japanese referee is Japan's judicial organs, also known as the court, including the magistrate and the clerk, the officer and executive officer and other staff, the authorities, the Japanese constitution article seventy-sixth "judicial power, all belong to the Supreme Court and according to the law, and the lower the referee set". In Japanese law "the" generalized and narrow sense two kinds of meanings. The narrow "referee" refers to the procedure of "the referee", which in each case to the exercise of the jurisdiction of the collegial panel or the sole judge system ("magistrate"). The generalized "referee" refers to "the law" on the "referee", including the magistrate and the clerk, the officer and executive officers, authorities. According to the provisions of the law, the court system from Japan

The International Court of justice of the United Nations Organization |

The tutorial is the principal content of the International Court of justice of the United Nations Organization of the International Court of | (International Court of Justice, referred to as ICJ) is one of the six major agencies of the United Nations and the main judicial organs, civil judicial institutions sovereign government, responsible in accordance with international law to solve disputes between countries, and the advisory opinion of the law of United Nations organs and specialized agencies to the. According to the "statute of the International Court of justice" was established in February 1946, is located in Holland of Hague. The main function of the court is on the case submitted by States to make a binding arbitration, provides advice on legal issues submitted and recognized by the United Nations bodies and specialized agencies. The international court is a civil court has clear authority, no subsidiary of other international law

The United States Department of Defense Network Crime Center DC3|

The tutorial could be the most important content that DC3|, the U.S. Department of Defense Network Crime Center Pentagon Cyber Crime Center (DC3) is the most advanced computer forensics recognized in the world, one of the hundreds of laboratory analysis, staff selection of digital information of millions of data in the laboratory, is committed to the Department of defense all study of crime and counter intelligence services bureau. The main responsibilities of the United States Department of Defense Network Crime Center include: 1. for the Department of defense information network defense, law enforcement, intelligence, counterintelligence and counterterrorism agencies to provide digital multimedia forensics, network investigation and training; research, development, test and evaluation and analysis; network space; 2. Department of defense became the center of excellence, and the establishment of National Defense Department of digital multimedia forensics and standards; 3. as defense industrial base network

ITER| International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor

This short article mostly introduces ITER| ITER International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, referred to as ITER), which is a large, complicated and expensive physics experiments. If the trials are successful, it will decide the fate of the future power station, will also make great contribution to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Detailed]ITER [ITER project The purpose of the experiment is to show people a long-standing dream: let the sun and the hydrogen bomb explosion in nuclear fusion and nuclear reaction can be controlled by the power. The reactor is not power, but the heat. If the trial is successful, the reactor energy produced will be greater than the energy consumption. reach