French Chinese Forum | new European portal

The tutorial is the fundamental content France Chinese New Europe forum | portal France Chinese Forum was founded in 2003, the largest European Chinese website, through the exchange of information, fashion, catering, tourism, entertainment, friends, parties and nightlife in different fields, set up online \/ offline group. Europe has a new Chinese community: BBS battle in France, classified information platform: a new European flea, tourism life review platform: Yellow Pages comment, delicacy exclusive platform: Paris ruminate, news platform: French news network, Chinese platform: new gameplay, group purchase platform: European Group, international platform: A new study in Europe, the new media platform: new European WeChat public platform, micro-blog and other rich content and channels and mobile phone client. Our goal is through the Internet to change the European Chinese way of life, by way of Internet

Toggle| Singapore bilingual Entertainment Network

This short article mostly introduces Toggle| Singapore bilingual entertainment network Toggle Is an entertainment media in Singapore, is a combination of new media television to the latest entertainment services and interview one-stop entertainment and lifestyle bilingual website, whether local artists or hot news is the latest Asian Star News, will be the first in the net exposure. Toggle The new media have redefined the point of traditional TV media, it goes beyond the traditional TV programs, bring the network version of the news, entertainment, information, TV drama resources, users can watch Singapore through the website of the TV drama, rich in content and quickly, is the preferred site for free to play singapore.

ThaiZhongHua| Thai Chinese Thailand Chinese information network

The tutorial would be the major content that ThaiZhongHua| Chinese Thailand China Thailand information network Thailand is committed to providing the latest, fastest and most authoritative Thailand information for Chinese people around the world, covering finance, trade, investment in Thailand, Thailand political and social news, Thailand entertainment, Thailand tourism and education information. Thailand is the Thailand Information Co. Ltd. (public) under the new media, Thailand is also the official China Daily News Network media. Thailand is committed to providing the latest, fastest and most authoritative and most interesting information for Thailand and the global Chinese people all over the world friends, including China news, international news, China friendly exchange of information, Thailand financial news, Thailand political and social news, Thailand Entertainment (Thailand Star TV drama, etc.), Thailand tourism and Chinese bilingual education, efforts to create a site

Kapanlagi| Indonesia entertainment news portal

This article mostly introduces Kapanlagi| Indonesia entertainment news portal Kapanlagi Indonesia is a focus on the entertainment news of Internet media, founded in 2003, headquartered in Jakarta and Malang, mainly in entertainment news, movies and music, is the focus of news and entertainment celebrities, have relevant information about celebrities.

Indonesia Detik news portal

The tutorial could be the most important content that Detik Indonesia news portal Detik is Indonesia's largest news portal, providing only the network version, there is no paper on the website focuses on news reports, in addition to providing sports, cars, food, tourism, health and other content, there are about 16 million readers every day. See reporter Budiono Darsono et al DetikCom is co founded by former DeTi, as of 2014 July, DetikCom ranked Indonesia website popularity ranking eighth in the world, ranked 322, as long as the profit model for online advertising.

The Tulsa world news network TulsaWorld:

The tutorial is the principal content TulsaWorld: Tulsa world news network Tulsa World News Network (Tulsa World) is the United States Tulsa Oklahoma City local news website, founded in 1905, owned by the Rowton family, was bought in 2013 by BH media group; the newspaper provides local news, sports, business, entertainment, information, classification the weather information, blog etc..

Usnook: American life information portal

The tutorial is the primary content that Usnook: American life information portal network is a beautiful smell about American life information portal. It includes the United States (US news headlines), the United States, the United States of the theme of the Forum (chat beauty) most of the three, is a report of the United States, the introduction of the United States, to discuss the large social information platform in the United states. The essence and interesting life of American news headlines covering more than 100 mainstream media in the United States; the United States encyclopedia systematically provide 15 aspects of American immigration, education, tourism, entertainment and life, encyclopedic knowledge, exhausted every aspect of information; America forum to build theme of American social networking platform to discuss various harmonic or America or Zhuang the topic, with unique celebrity resources, between readers, readers and celebrities of the interaction and communication. The United States news network headquartered in Losangeles, with offices in Chinese

SciencePortal: Japan Science and technology portal

The tutorial would be the major content that SciencePortal: of Japan's science and technology portal SciencePortal site is a comprehensive science and technology news portal, providing scientific news, academic researchers and notice of the meeting agenda, the latest research results of interviews, science and technology, which will help researchers and technicians and students, citizens understand the national science and technology development.

Phys: world news portal technology

This short article mainly introduces Phys: technology news world portal website Phys is an Internet based real-time reporting technology news portal, mainly to provide physics, space science, earth science, biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, and other archaeological news and commentary, always concerned about the development of world science and technology breakthrough and exploration. The Phys site is the predecessor of the Physorg website, covering all scientific classification, re revision since 2004 after the release of access to a large number of readers, there are 1 million 750 thousand pageviews per month, there are scientists, researchers and engineers; every day there are 100 more high quality articles published.

South Korea ZUM portal

The tutorial could be the most important content that ZUM ZUM Internet portal in Korea was founded by South Korea's Zum Internet in 2009, providing search service for Korean users, is the site navigation + + popular local search information in one site, because of the services provided and the content is very comprehensive, experience has reached South Korea local users love, is now South Korea's domestic search market share of third. The ZUM web site to provide the main search service, also has news, shopping polymerization, website support user login and edit page set, users can add love website, subscription news, stock quotes, weather forecast, the WEB2.0 website is the function of the success of the brand. As of July 2014, more than 1 million monthly independent website