JayisGames: free online games

The tutorial would be the foremost content JayisGames: JayIsGames free online games has been the guardian named the world's top 105 websites, given that it was “ full of passion, perfect design and insightful website ”. Every Sunday, the website will be released for the evaluation of new on-line Flash game, the weekend is a single game evaluation. Most of them are available for free. Review the depth, screenshots and comments are quite standard, similar to the film industry “ time &rdquo nets;. JayIsGames is a casual game blog. Each day they will comment on the new Flash games will provide downloadable games on weekends, free of charge and. This game is very detailed comments, including

Lynx2Games: game platform to buy

The tutorial could be the key content Lynx2Games: game Lynx2Games: game platform to buy buy platform is a help can not afford to buy genuine game users two andgathering website platform, a good game we can scrape together the money to buy, of course, if the money is certainly not the same. Lynx2Games provides a variety of game Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, Wii and PC platform comprehensively. Lynx2Games is a good solution to the game are fancier buy genuine games takes too many problems. Lynx2Games good use of the network, let not know game player can also use a Lynx2Games to raise money to buy a genuine game software. Users to buy the game in Lynx2Games, can choose to pay the full

Viwawa: Singapore online game platform

The tutorial would be the major content that Viwawa: Viwawa: Singapore Singapore online game platform online game platform is an online game site in Singapore, the open gaming platform, multiplayer online game server powerful, chess, crosswords etc. various types of online games. The Viwawa website is also a social gaming network platform, under the community is full of vitality, provide English, traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, simplified Chinese Chinese four version. Viwawa is a subsidiary of Pendulab, provide a rich imagination of online games, challenge thinking, encourage competition. In the fighting game territory dispute (Wahlords), Chinese chess (Dynasty chess) and Tianzhu count (Numeroid), a fierce battle on strategy and

KCGS: Korea Game Association

The tutorial would be the major content that KCGS: KCGS: South Korea Game Association Association game is the Korean game industry exchange system, regulate the industry production norms, game technology, enhance the international exchange and overseas publicity. The Korean game association was founded in 2001, the purpose is to improve the theory and technology of domestic game production, enhance international competitiveness, promote international exchanges, governed by the Korean Ministry of culture and tourism.

StrayBoots: mobile gaming platform for SMS

This short article mainly introduces StrayBoots: mobile gaming platform StrayBoots: Mobile SMS SMS search game platform is a platform game for opening using the text of the real world, in the form of challenges to help users find the fun of travel. You only need to select a StrayBoots site and the city game category, such as a restaurant or a museum, and then you will receive a game code in the mail. Once you arrive at the designated starting point, use the code to send SMS StrayBoots, the travel search game began. At the same time, StrayBoots and Time Out, Serious Eats, MyCityWay Leisure and Pass North America and other companies have their cooperation.

TriviaPad: real-time quiz game platform

This short article mainly introduces TriviaPad: real-time quiz game platform TriviaPad: real-time quiz game platform is a multiplayer real-time quiz game, similar to the people at the same time in the online edition of the "Happy Dictionary". You can enter the virtual room “ ” answer. Virtual room interface is mainly divided into three parts: the left is real-time chat window on the right is a list of users in the room, the middle is the problem and four options. Users need to answer in a very short period of time, and on the TV quiz show similar. At the same time, TriviaPad also provides three options for help: ” “ remove half of the wrong answer, that other users in the room answer, choose cancel. For each option can be used only in each round of the game

Old Abandonia: game download platform

The tutorial certainly is the major content Abandonia: Abandonia: old old game download platform game download platform is a special collection of those very old PC games, especially those who have abandoned “ ” the copyright free game, and provide these games for free download. These games may be the primary simulation city, or later in the line between the ant game player very red, it is probably the most popular game types in the game: a pile of ashes of the adventure game, maybe you can find in the role of Baldur's gate predecessor first appeared in the legend of classification. “ Abandonia” will not provide you with pirated games, but really can download the ashes of game, you download files in the game category, generally

PlayMapScube: Google map Games official website

The tutorial would be the major content that PlayMapScube: Google PlayMapScube: Google map Games official website map game is based on a Google map of the Cube game, let you in the visual world tour 3D. Through the website to browse the world scenic spots. By visiting New York, Tokyo and other city, you can see almost all Google on the map function. You can even ride a bike as much as possible across San Francisco soon, Google will remind you which way is the most safe. To navigate the route with your mouse, each to complete a level, it will record your time. The game has a total of 8 Level: Level 1: from Manhattan through a maze of downtown to Broolyn met with friends

FishLabs: German devil fish game development company

The tutorial certainly is the major content FishLabs: German devil fish game development company FishLabs: Germany devil fish game development company is a company located in Hamburg in Germany's top 3D game development company, founded in 2004, is committed to the development and distribution of the intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer platform game based on high quality 3D. The fish has won the "2011 best studio" title, with its unique Abyss;; physics engine, made in “ the world's best game studio ranked No. 14” achievement. And has been among the Germans seriously, the spirit of development refined more quality 3D games. Magic fish company original game relatively well-known: fire, the Milky Way star shooter fire series (Galaxy on fire&t the Milky Way

SoulCalibur: battle fighting game soul Calibur Online Official

This article primarily introduces SoulCalibur: battle fighting game soul Calibur online official SoulCalibur: battle fighting game soul Calibur online is a once in the arcade become fashionable for a time and PSP on the war fighting game, the game game player to control the weapons from around the world to stop the evil sword master plan. Now Namco took it to the iOS platform, and brought great 3D combat experience. Between the game include: Arcade mode (Arcade), (Time Attack), timing mode survival mode (Survival) and hell (Extra Survival), survival training mode (Practice), the Museum (Museum) content, and supports multiplayer functionality, users can through Bluetooth multiplayer