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Miss International International Miss World contest

The tutorial could be the most, important content that Miss International International Miss World contest (International Miss International Beauty Pageant) is one of the world's three largest pageant, the first in the United States in 1960 held in Long Beach and California, held annually; the beauty theme is women's contribution to the international community; expand the friendship network to the world through international conference; the women's inner beauty into love and friendship to promote goodwill and peace in the world. From 1968 to 1970 transferred to Japan, although in 1971 to return to Long Beach, but since 1972 to 2007, almost all held in japan. In 2008, the pageant held in Macao Cotai arena,

Miss Universe Canada Canada Miss Universe Pageant

Miss universe Canada The tutorial would be the most important content that Miss Universe Canada Miss (Canada Miss Universe Pageant Universe Canada) is a national pageant, the championship will represent Canada in the world pageant. The first Miss Universe Canada held on 2003, and the world champion in the Miss Universe Pageant in the top ten. The 2005 Miss Universe Canada champion won the championship in the Miss Universe contest in the world. The pageant (or contest) is a kind of wisdom's physical appearance and connotation based on the degree of beauty contest. The more famous, such as Miss Universe, is one of the world's pageant. The traditional beauty in activities mainly for women, but

The beautiful gypsy beauty blog

The tutorial is the primary content that The Beauty beautiful gypsy beauty blog Gypsy Is a commitment to share the female beauty and health blog site, to promote women's inner beauty through the ancient remedies and scientific solutions, and the effective use of beauty products, with the help of Ms. Amy to learn about the latest trends in the world, beauty products and events. The blog by Anubha Charan She is the founder, skin experts, hair stylist, makeup artist and photographer, by virtue of their own understanding of women's beauty, cosmetics, and more than 10 years of experience in the beauty industry to share beauty tips.

EveryGirl| occupation female life story

The tutorial would be the foremost content EveryGirl| The Every Girl occupation female life story Life is a type of information media guidance towards the success of occupation female users, help female users in the occupation and financial management, culture, fashion and beauty, lifestyle, tourism, health and other aspects are enlightening guidance, teach you how to dress nice and gain confidence, if you want to become a successful occupation of certain women don't miss.

MeltyFashion| young women fashion information network

The tutorial would be the major content that MeltyFashion| Melty Fashion young women fashion information network Young women is a user oriented reader by fashion and beauty lovers team created the fashion information website, provide the hot topic of celebrities, movies, life style, delicacy, interviews, books, travel, love psychological concern of women. Melty Fashion Currently has over 420 thousand visitors per month, will provide the latest trends for young readers, by a female charm of professional fashion editors selected feeds, suitable for 18-30 years old female readers browse.

Confi| Crowdsourcing girl topic network

The tutorial is the principal content Confi| Crowdsourcing girl Confi topic suggestions Is a specialized in young female users emotional topic suggestions platform, the team from the more than 20 year old interdisciplinary professionals, they are keen to adopt knowledge and scientific suggestions to relieve the problem of girls, doubts from emotion and physiological aspects.

Mogul: global information sharing community women

The tutorial is the fundamental content Mogul: global women information sharing community Mogul is a specifically for women in globalization communication, share information and knowledge acquisition platform in 2014 by Tiffany · fan created, headquartered in New York. Mogul encourages visitors and other members of the community interactive platform, share ideas, comments. The user can according to their own interests, location or occupation view story, commodity, job and other popular content, also can comment on published content. Mogul has a tutorial system, users can in life or career guidance experts to seek advice. The tutor system course is taught, each course has 12 sections, the course after class assignments and independent evaluation. Users with this to guide teachers to apply through the next step and deep learning. adopt

HelloGiggles: women's fashion life

This article mostly introduces HelloGiggles: women's fashion life network HelloGiggles website was founded by Losangeles singer and actor Zooey Deschanel in 2011, mainly for eye-opening people's entertainment life style, focusing on female users, in a gentle and wise angle, provide popular culture, love, friendship, life style, occupation, delicacy etc.. The HelloGiggles site was first established in addition to Zooey Deschanel and Rossi Molly McAleer Sophia producer and writer, after being owns more than 90 of the New York Times Magazine Group announced the acquisition, according to the Wall Street journal news, in the purchase price of about $20 million.

PaperDroids: female geek culture network

The tutorial could be the key content PaperDroids: female geek culture (Paper Droids) network robot is committed to providing geek culture site for female users, provide science, technology, literature, art and entertainment for the female readers aspects, no matter what type of content you love, you can find yourself interested in things here. Paper Droids was founded in 2011, people subconsciously think that the Internet era belongs to the men in the field, is also the only male geek uniform, but there is a group of women do not think so, they also put into their geek category, looking for suitable for female readers geek culture from the network.

JoshiSpa: Japanese women topic network

This article mainly introduces JoshiSpa: JoshiSpa site is the topic of Japanese women in Japan a women's life as the theme of the site, advocate women's smart life; the main columns are delicacy, love, lifestyle, entertainment news, work and entrepreneurship, female beauty and female news etc.. The JoshiSpa site to women's life as the center, in addition to providing rich news commentary, also conducted a survey service large, for example, 25 to 35 years old girls to maintain love means of communication for investigation and disclosure of the survey results, some research is still very worth a look.