SlideRule: free online course search platform

The tutorial will be the main content that SlideRule: free online course search platform SlideRule: free online courses search platform is to search for a major foreign universities provide free video course service platform, users can search the video tutorial subjects they want to find the key words, the curriculum included 17442 video resources, the authority of the screening of free Internet course the best, let you focus on learning. With the development of Internet Education and progress, from all over the world more and more educators tend to share their knowledge, this is a large outbreak of the era of knowledge, you can search for a best education through the Internet, the SlideRule platform will help you find the best in the world of online courses. SlideRule platform related courses are mainly Art

The United States UdaCity free online education platform

This short article primarily introduces education platform of American universities in the United States UdaCity UdaCity free online free online education platform dedicated to the free university education to every corner of the global Internet startups, it hopes to change people through traditional educational institutions to obtain education resources, so that every child has the opportunity to access you can enjoy the high quality education resources. Although Udacity's existing curriculum resources are free, but some students to the examination to obtain the official Udacity certification is to collect fees, now a number of institutions have reached an agreement to provide curriculum resources for the Udacity, including Google, Microsoft, Nvidia and Wolfram Alpha etc.

GoalBookApp: children customised sharing platform

This article primarily introduces GoalBookApp: GoalBookApp: children children customised sharing platform customized courses sharing platform is a focus on the special education market, helping disabled children access to quality education, bring the individualized approach through science and technology. GoalBookApp for each student customized alone or sharing program, through the network and database of students, teachers and parents together, solves the difficult problem of education communication and collaboration. Goalbook is a huge knowledge database, including evaluation, teaching resources and teaching video, these are specially designed for special education teachers, it also brings a more perfect teaching evaluation analysis tools, can help students in learning the harvest. At the same time to enable real-time communication and cooperation between teachers, administrators and parents

FreeCodeCamp| is a free and open source code learning community

This short article mainly introduces FreeCodeCamp| is a free and open source community Free Code Camp learning code Is a code to help developers learn community, founded by the non-profit organization's open source project, the user can learn programming by encoding complete adjustment and construction projects, learning programming learning method to get rid of boring games, using learning mechanisms of course learn all can obtain 4 certificates. Free Code Camp has been proved to be the most effective way, get the programming work in fact, nobody finished all the lessons, because they are finished before they find a job, reeCodeCamp They are providing 4 certification: front-end development authentication, data visualization, authentication, authentication backend development full stack development certification. Get four certificates needed

OpenStax CNX| free college textbook sharing network

The tutorial certainly is the major content OpenStax CNX| foreign free college textbook sharing network OpenStax CNX by Rice University (Rice University) Dr. Bala Nuke (Dr. Richard Baraniuk) was founded in 1999, now online library mainly involves the arts, business, humanities, mathematics, science and technology, social science categories, all the books and watch online free download support. OpenStax CNX At present, the project has been the development of non profit figures a dynamic ecological system, provide educational content for millions of users, so as to improve the learning success, with more than a thousand of the free textbooks, journals and articles, and support mobile phone to download and read. Click to download

Openstax Free University Textbook database

The tutorial would be the most important content that Openstax Openstax database of Free University Textbooks Is a commitment to improve the students' access to learning resources of organization, established by the Gates couple free college textbook database, all legal books. Electronic materials can directly download the free PDF and ePub format. American College Students (Rice University) Bayleys university to promote the free textbooks plan (OpenStax College) grant, there will be 5 university disciplines introductory texts, through computer, intelligent mobile phone or tablet computer can use, do not need to spend 10 fen. If any paper book, as long as the $30 fee to the United States, 10% of the students in the use of.

Topmarks online children's interesting teaching network

The tutorial would be the major content that Topmarks online children's interesting teaching network Topmarks Is one of the leading children teaching website, teaching professional understanding and parents of independent education for children, to learn knowledge by playing the game, and the subjects are, in the fun of the game will naturally learn the knowledge points. Age 3-5 years, 5-7 years, 7-11 years, 11-14 years old, with different difficulty, focus on covering the syllabus.

Twinkl English teacher resource network teaching syllabus

The tutorial would be the foremost content Twinkl English teachers teaching syllabus resource network Twinkl Is a commitment to share school teachers often use the learning resources website, from kindergarten, primary school, middle school, all the resources are, can view each course syllabus, download and print various exercises and games drawing template data for children to do, some functions of the website for free, some functions need to be registered fee in general, the school teacher for teaching, parents can refer to.

Admissions Service UCAS UK universities and Colleges

Recruitment Service Center Service Center This article primarily introduces enrollment UCAS UK universities and colleges UK universities and Colleges (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, referred to as UCAS) is a British public service platform, unified for all UK universities to provide recruitment services to support all the different countries of the university curriculum retrieval in 2017. UCAS and other countries, applying to British universities to apply for undergraduate degree courses, through the UCAS, students can view and select courses in the official website. In principle, all undergraduate courses in all UK universities, including undergraduate, through to the UCAS application. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu. The educational wing of the British Embassy to provide UCAS a full set of application materials, free of charge

Lang Lang Chinese | International Chinese teaching platform

The tutorial is the fundamental content Chinese | Lang International Chinese teaching platform for overseas learners Chinese Chinese Lang and Chinese educational institutions to provide teaching materials and teaching Chinese Chinese service, Chinese development Chinese Lang Lang learning series course covers various stages of adult from enlightenment to university. The curriculum includes Chinese textbooks and online courses, interactive multimedia CD. Lang Lang Chinese online learning platform in the network Chinese Chinese curriculum support, also provide pinyin, Chinese flashcards, Chinese reading, Chinese culture Chinese learning resources. Lang Lang Chinese founded in 2006, is committed to learning for overseas Chinese offer Chinese courses, teacher training and teaching services. With the global regional teachers and school cooperation, to build a global Chinese promotion and service network, inherit and carry forward the Chinese culture. Development and service team of nearly 100 people to provide the world Chinese