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GarconCoffee| pure coffee teaching guide

The tutorial could be the key content GarconCoffee| Garcon Coffee pure coffee teaching guide Is a hobby coffee help users understand and learn the world's most famous coffee reference methods, the world is the most perfect coffee beverage is what look like? If you love coffee but don't know to use this application. Garcon Coffee Currently offers coffee drinking method Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, four countries, users choose a country, different production process will appear different coffee, click to enter a coffee scene after a step by step will tell you how to make a cup of pure coffee.

OtakuFood| Westerners Japanese delicacy

This article mostly introduces OtakuFood| OtakuFood the eyes of Westerners Japanese delicacy A couple of foreign founded a Japanese delicacy recipe site, delicacy without boundaries, even the language will not affect our taste of delicacy, so after the couple visited Japan for a long time to create this delicacy site, to help the Japanese love users can produce their own delicacy. Pure delicacy is not necessarily popular in other countries, the main reason is the way of life and the use of different ingredients, the site is not to imitate the Japanese delicacy, but through their own understanding and hands-on production after the release of the local population, fusion of taste and making method.

Chowii| short video search engine delicacy

The tutorial is the fundamental content Chowii| short video search engine Chowii delicacy Is a collection of discovery and sharing in one of the short video website users to delicacy, short video search keywords practical delicacy class, the site collection of short video resources delicacy mass, mainly to provide an appetizer, entree, dessert Here, soup, regardless of nationality and ingredients, to share only the user's attention to.

AnimeRecipes| two dimensional animation teaching delicacy

The tutorial could be the key content AnimeRecipes| two dimensional animation recipe (Anime animation teaching delicacy Recipes) is a collection of comic stories and delicious recipes to restore them to the real delicacy, so this blog, the author find the delicacy of recipes from the animated story and put these recipes by selecting ingredients and method of making a step into reality, like users may wish to try it yourself. [method] Hand-Pulled Noodle Huoying making love of Japanese animation users will notice a lot of animation which often inadvertently appeared hot food, let you instantly see that "ah ~ hungry ah, have Japanese users before finishing the delicious food in the animation, whether it is hot Japanese cuisine, or sweet coffee cake, will let you can not help but to immediately rushed out fast

Cookstr| online world cookbook collection

This short article mainly introduces Cookstr| Cookstr online world cookbook collection Is a commitment to the world cookbook site, its mission is to organize the world's best recipes, make the CO produced and shared by hundreds of top chefs and recipes, and included recipes to create integrated intuitive and user-friendly search method, user-friendly on planning quickly find their own love recipes. The Cookstr team was founded in 2008, headquartered in New York City, along with the unceasing accumulation, currently has a collection of tens of thousands of recipes, the user can according to the taste, texture, occasion, budget And other culinary level to select the right recipe for production.

CookingTV| American delicacy teaching channel

The tutorial is the principal content CookingTV| America teaching delicacy channel in America cooking channel (Cooking Channel) is an entertainment brand based delicacy educational program, headquartered in Tennessee, Knoxville, launched in 2010, replacing the previous “ good living network ” by 2015, 61951000 families have purchased the TV channel. The regular program on the cooking channel including food education, cooking shows, there is a weekly series called “ my guest Robert · Earl ”, launched in 2014, following the program host Robert of each big restaurant kitchen, with the audience to explore the delicacy the secret behind, inspire people to delicacy passion.

TeenyRecipes| face book recipe aggregation search network

This article mainly introduces TeenyRecipes| face book recipe search network Teeny Recipes polymerization is a support aggregation search on the Facebook website delicacy recipe site, we all know that Facebook is a social networking site, people love their delicacy and method of making the sun here, then people will build the support search on the Facebook website delicacy the menu of the site, let people see the world delicacy. Teeny Recipes is called polymerization, because he put the ingredients, method and time of making classification, the user can through the different classification of related queries, currently provide hundreds of different screening classification, but also support the mail subscription service, every week you will receive the delicacy delicious recipes.

SmoothieRecipes: smoothie recipes Daquan

This article primarily introduces SmoothieRecipes: smoothie recipes recipes Daquan (Smoothie Recipes) sand ice drink formula is a foreign website, providing every kind of smoothie recipes, we introduced between “ JuiceRecipes” is the sister site, the interface is almost the same, only a share of juice drinks, ice drinks a share. Sand ice not only delicate, and are made from fruit, really integrated fruit and ice cream, ice cream and fruit is the best choice to love people. Smoothie can be said to be the most simple and cool ice cream, a blender, and then arbitrarily thrown into fresh fruit, or red bean, mung bean and other ingredients, you can easily enjoy the cool Smoothie! Love this kind of drink might collection.

MyFridgeFood: choose recipes based on ingredients

The tutorial would be the most important content that MyFridgeFood: according to the selected food recipes my food in the fridge (My Fridge Food) is a menu to select the appropriate ingredients according to the existing site, no matter what the food are available through the website to select the right menu, then according to the tutorial cooked delicious the dishes. Open the web site you will see many commonly used ingredients in the kitchen, users only need to own some material tick can, and then click the &ldquo button, find recipes; ” the system will automatically screened related recipes, even if you choose apple and pepper can match for recipes, what taste it yourself try.

TheKitchn: daily gourmet kitchen magazine

The tutorial would be the foremost content TheKitchn: TheKitchn magazine daily gourmet kitchen is a web-based version of the daily delicacy magazine, mainly provide recipes, cooking tips and techniques, such as food story, kitchen design kitchen adds interest and happiness, every month through the Internet and mobile phone terminal readers up to tens of millions more. The TheKitchn website created by Maxwell Ryan and Sara Kate Gillingham in 2005, will release 20 tablets daily class delicacy short articles, the user can press and keyword search delicacy, in addition, also recommend to the reader in travel and delicacy, wine, delicacy, shopping experience skills etc..