ENMA| Athens Coin Museum

The tutorial certainly is the major content ENMA| Athens Coin Museum Athens Coin Museum (Numismatic Museum of Athens) is one of the world's five largest Numismatic Museum included cultural relics museum, the museum owns about 600000 coins, the "treasure" of ancient coins, weight, seals, medal and gems. These collections include ancient Greece and Rome across the Empire, Byzantine, medieval and modern periods. Athens Coin Museum has every kind of coins from ancient times to the present. The museum is located in the archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann mansion, the first to coin collection began in Greece after the independence of Aegina, by way of mobile phone mining, buy and donate coins, the collection of all belong to the National Library of Greece, and then transferred to the venue now. In addition to the Museum

GAK| Greek National Archives

The tutorial is the fundamental content GAK| National Archives National Archives Museum of Greece Greece (The General State Archives of Greece) by the Greek government is founded in 1914 years, the museum holds the culture and the people and history of Greece, the Greek government records collected. The National Archives include the Greek church records, civil registration, passport, education, immigration, since 1850s the home record declaration, pensions, marriage records and notary notarial records.

The castle and manor.

This article primarily introduces castle and the manor World Guinness World Castle (Castles and Manor Houses around Daquan the World) is a commitment to collect and share the European medieval castle, manor, churches, private homes and other buildings of the site, the user can learn the medieval history of the building and the story in this website. The castle is a medieval armed building in Europe and the Middle East, especially as general lords and nobles of the armed private residence building, rather than as a defensive stronghold of urban public facilities. Because the construction period and the different locations, the castle has many different forms and features, but generally have built walls and forts and other defensive fortifications. The castle originated from the year ninth Century to tenth Century in Europe, at the time of the Carolingian collapse led to its territory

Euratlas| European history map database

This short article mainly introduces Euratlas| European history map database Euratlas Is a major in European history and the European geographical position changes in the site, the site provides a large number of historical atlases and historical attractions photos to help users understand the development history of the course of European history. On the Euratlas website users will find a lot of Antique Map Resources in Europe in eighteenth Century and tenth Century, you can easily find the main mountains, the geographical region of rivers, and the city boundary line, covers the history of map 194 21 independent countries of Europe, whether archaeological or research the history of Europe, the site is worth collection.

The firefly FireFly: Music Festival

This short article primarily introduces FireFly: Fire Fly Music firefly Festival Festival (Firefly Festival) is a music festival held in the southeast of Dover and Delaware, by more than 60 performances, rock star and the most popular stars gathered in this area of 87 hectares of the village hall for a period of 4 days. Music Festival is popular idol, also has a green hand new, enjoying the wonderful music. The firefly Music Festival by an event planning company was founded, the first festival is from the beginning of July 2012, a total of 48 performances, in 2013 71 the band in 2014 95, the band; the firefly concert slogan is “ the east coast super music experience ”.

InfoMotions: western literary and philosophical works sharing platform

The tutorial certainly is the major content InfoMotions: western literary and philosophical works sharing platform InfoMotions: western literary and philosophical works sharing platform is a collection including the American and British literature and the western philosophy of public works site, you can read online and search, it can also be made into PDF files for offline reading and printing, can to help users learn and query a variety of literature. The purpose is to describe the InfoMotions website, and show that the western culture, all research articles, lectures, lectures and travel data, the log can be free to use, the main columns are the Alex catalogue, photo gallery, blog, electronic books, western water domain database, the picture library includes more than 1200 photographs.

Wikipedia Simple Wikipedia: simple English

This short article mainly introduces Simple Wikipedia: Simple Wikipedia: simple English Wikipedia Wikipedia simple English is used for students and beginners of English children, the knowledge base provided by Wikipedia, this branch has more than one hundred thousand entries, the main feature is a more simple and easy to understand words and sentences to write content. For overseas Wikipedia many people are not unfamiliar, with a variety of languages, the amount of knowledge is quite rich, Simple Wikipedia is not only easy to understand, but it is recommended that allows users to learn English reading, or how to contact with simple words to write entries. I mostly use Chinese version of Wikipedia search for information, but encountered more professional, difficult words are often unable to find Chinese in the end

Book Authority authoritative business book recommendation platform

The tutorial is the principal content Book Authority Book Authority authority business book recommendation platform Is a recommended by industry leaders of the best business books of the site, the site is based on hundreds of industry leaders for the best advice to tens of thousands of books, the service reveals about start-ups, leadership, marketing and other aspects of the top business books. When you don't know what books, try the site recommended, because all business books are screened by many industry insiders, the user can according to their own interest to find, so you can narrow your search scope, read only the most effective rate.

Poland Gdynia Film Festival

This article primarily introduces Poland Gdynia Film Festival, Gdynia Film Festival (Gdynia Film Festival) was once a year held in Poland in the northern city of Gdynia Film Festival, first held in 1974 in Gdansk, now moved to the ground after Sardinia held. Except in 1982 and 1983 in Poland in the state of siege, the festival is held once every year. Gdynia Film Festival is the best film, best director, best editing, Lifetime Achievement Award and many other awards, for the recognition of people to pay for the film. Gdynia city is a coastal tourist resort, the yacht club, rich and colorful Marine Museum and the annual Poland Film Festival held here attracts tourists from all over the world. Gdynia city have windsurfing facilities, for Europe and the international organization of sailing

Athens National Art Gallery

The tutorial is the fundamental content National (Athens The National Gallery Athens The National Gallery Gallery) was founded in 1878, is committed to the protection of the fourteenth Century to twentieth Century Greek and European art, the beginning of the establishment of only 117 works in the exhibition, University of Athens, 1896, jurist and art collector Alexandros The Soutzos will be donated to the Greek government and heritage collections, museums enriched. The The National Gallery in Athens after the main exhibition of Byzantine Greek art (an icon painting faction), while also covering a wide range of artists of European collections, including gold mask, the statue of Athena and magnificent art, the Renaissance painting collection and its value.