Waymo| Google driverless car company

This article primarily introduces Waymo| Google driverless car company Waymo The car is Alphabet's Google driverless car project, in December 14th stripped from the Google X lab, the new company is an unmanned vehicle technology company, rather than the car company. They will continue to provide Alphabet infrastructure and resources for support, but also more like a start-up, can get the support of venture capital. As of Alphabet twelfth independent operating subsidiaries . This is seen as an important step towards commercialization of Google unmanned vehicle. With the on-line Waymo official website, Google has established a lot of speculation after nearly 8 years of Google unmanned vehicle project also has the answer: 1. identified from Google X labs, the establishment of an independent entity Waymo. 2. Way

NEVS| Sweden non hybrid vehicles

The tutorial would be the most important content that NEVS| NEVS of Sweden non hybrid vehicles Sweden is dedicated to the production of high-end electric car company, is dedicated to creating a green travel, to build a sustainable future, present and future commitment to make positive changes, the tram has Chinese acquisitions, global headquarters in Sweden, established Beijing branch and experience center, on the future of hybrid cars are new scheme. Whether you pursue green intelligent travel solutions, hope to build more sustainable development of infrastructure, or the desire to enjoy a healthy green city environment, mobile travel solutions brought by NEVS and electric vehicle, will provide infinite development space and opportunities for a better quality of life. NEVS design and production of high-end electric car, non fuel powertrain, nor hybrid.

Canada Deeley motorcycle Museum

This short article primarily introduces Canada Deeley motorcycle motorcycle Museum (Deeley Motorcycle Museum durey Museum) is one of Canada's largest motorcycle Museum, has 120 years of rich motorcycle culture and history, the collection of more than 250 a beautiful antique motorcycle, where you can review the history of the motorcycle from all over the world. Many people love the motorcycle, because it symbolizes the freedom and independence of courage and perseverance, no matter my mood is what the passions, will accompany me, or in the rain or sunshine all the way forward, step leisurely or CITIC rein, in mountain view, leisurely self step, or in the city is not only the runaway gallop, Deeley the museum is a motorcycle exhibition site Gallery, you can enjoy the old style of motorcycle, motorcycle history review.

The German Lilium electric motors flight

The tutorial is the principal content Germany Lilium electric flying car website Lilium electric vehicle is flying by the European Space Agency (ESA) and Lilium Aviation Electric injection machine "Lilium" company to develop a very cool appearance, but he has a "vertical" function, kind of like a helicopter, and he could also carry passengers, is expected in 2018 officially sold. Lilium electric jet aircraft by Dr. Munich University of science and technology of German engineers, graduate students and ESA Joint design, production Gullwing door design, vertical lifting, retractable landing gear, claimed 400 kilometers speeds up to per hour, but usually cruising about 300 kilometers per hour, a single charge about flying up to 500 km. He is classified as a light sport

Motorsport| international news network platform

The tutorial would be the foremost content Motorsport| Motor Sport International News Network Platform Is an online racing content of the global network platform, has the world first-class digital video and global distribution, interactive multimedia, in 23 countries worldwide, with 15 different languages, 7 days a week, 24 hours to update all day long. Motor sport was founded in 1994, won the global digital media company awards, including the introduction of F1 events Electric equations, endurance race, GT\/ touring car, motorcycle rally, etc., make the platform rich car culture has the world's largest sports car racing picture database, video library, sports car racing online library is reported, the world's leading content providers.

MotorSportMagazine| British motor racing magazine

The tutorial will be the main content that MotorSportMagazine| British motor racing magazine British motor racing magazine (Motor Sport Magazine) is a motorsport magazine website of London, founded in 1924, named Brookeland bulletin, August 1925 renamed the car movement, by Bill Bodie served as the editor of the magazine for many years, in 1997 by the acquisition of Haymarket press. Motor Sport Magazine In 1997 after the acquisition of the revision will ascend the focus shifted to the racing track of history and historical scenes, the magazine in 2006 by Chelsea magazine and fully focused on the acquisition of racing reports, including Formula One racing, hall of fame, visit

The official website of the LucidMotors electric car

The tutorial could be the most important content that LucidMotors Lucid Motors is the official website of the electric car electric car production version of Silicon Valley start-ups R & D, the car is scheduled for the end of 2018 is expected to assemble, and Tesla's Model S competition, the company will begin to accept the car reservation. Lucid Motors the first mass-produced electric car (with the BMW 5 series at the same level) will use lithium ion battery Samsung SDI, the two companies said has now developed a cylindrical battery of the next generation, a new generation of battery performance benchmark beyond the existing energy density, power, life and safety and other related fields. Compared with many of today's lithium-ion batteries, the battery is said on repeated fast charging reaction

SEAT| Spain Xiyate car brand

This article primarily introduces SEAT| of Spain Xiyate automobile brand Xiyate automobile (SEAT) founded in 1950 is a Spanish travel car company, "enjoy Engineering" is the core concept of siyat brand, and emphasizes the creation of "enjoy" is the need for a long-term commitment and determination of skill. Seat of automobile is always willing to achieve the perfect skill details, making the car with the driver's life perfect fit. The history of the development of automobile industry in West Astra: in 1950s, the Spanish National Federation (Instituto Nacional de Industria) in order to improve the automobile industry manufacturing capacity of Spain, in collaboration with Fiat in Italy, set up a production of Fiat Automobile factory. In May 9, 1950, the company into a seat

Continental| German horse brand tire website

The tutorial could be the most important content that Continental| German horse brand tire German horse brand website (also known as the continental group, Continental AG, referred to as Conti) is a German manufacturer of transportation industry, the main products for the tire, brake system, vehicle stability control system, injection system, engine tachometer and other vehicles and transport parts, known as horse brand from tyre, however, is not only a horse brand tire. [evaluation], horse tire company headquartered in Hannover, is the world's fourth largest tire manufacturer, behind Bridgestone, Michelin and Goodyear, its predecessor was founded in 1871, the manufacturer of rubber, Continental-Caoutchouc Und Gutta-

BlissMobil| Holland military camping car brand

The tutorial is the principal content BlissMobil| Holland military camping car brand Bliss Mobil is a Holland imported car brand independent exploration type, and integrates the incomparable characteristics and container concept, redefined the independent travel. Bliss Mobil is suitable for all kinds of trucks. Because have a unique style features, compared with other exploration cars on the market, Bliss Mobil is out of the ordinary. Bliss Mobil features: 1. steel structure: because the Bliss Mobil body as a whole body structure analysis, rather than a simple combination of components, so Bliss Mobil body is very healthy, unmatched in the industry. The integration of 2. independent cabinet: the body is like a container