Japan's SHARP Group official website Sharp:

This short article mainly introduces Sharp: of SHARP group, SHARP Japan's official website (Sharp-world) since the start of 1912, 25 countries in the world, 62 areas of business, as a large-scale integrated electronic information company, opened a new field and has been in a life improvement and social progress for the contribution and hard. Since the start of the summer business from radio and television to the microwave oven, calculators, solar cells, and liquid crystal display, SHARP launched a number of “ &rdquo, “ Japan for the first time; the world's first &rdquo products. SHARP uses liquid crystal, optical and semiconductor components technology leading the world and to the family, mobile and office of the whole field of hardware and software, the directory service system, package, development, best

Japan's Panasonic Panasonic: official website

This short article primarily introduces Panasonic: of Japan's Panasonic official website of Panasonic industrial type strain (Panasonic) founded in 1918, is known as the founder of “ the God of business ” Mr. Konosuke Matsushita. Inception is composed of 3 small workshops, through the efforts of several generations, has now become a comprehensive electronic technology of the world famous international enterprise group, and in the world to carry out business activities. Panasonic global brand unification became Panasonic, and “ Panasonic ideas for life” as the brand slogan, to achieve “ scattered social network ” &ldquo and &rdq coexist with the earth;

The United States Zippo lighter brand official website

The tutorial is the fundamental content America Zippo lighter brand official website Zippo is the world famous brand lighters, founded in 1932, Zippo is the origin of the name was derived from someone invented the zipper (ZIPPER), American George • Blaisdell think this is a nice name, the name of their lighter Zippo. Zippo lighter originally designed to take into account: it can be in any weather and you need time to make you satisfied. During the Second World War, the wartime Zippo supply almost all to the u.s.. Zippo can ignite the smoke bomb; in the swamp or jungle bonfire; with the helmet also send soup; survive in the wild in the ignition signal. Some Zippo even blocked the fatal bullet and saved many lives. The key of Zippo

Marimekko| Finland national brand printing

This article mainly introduces Marimekko| Finland national printing brand Finland national brand Marimekko was founded in the end of the Second World War shortly after 1951, founder of Armi Ratia The creation of rich color printing bright, for the vulnerable people to bring positive energy, encouraging people to regain their enthusiasm bravely toward a bright future. 2017 coincides with Finland's 100th anniversary, with Finland through most of the history of Marimekko do not forget the original intention by the abundant creative energy to launch a series of limited commercial printing, to celebrate the centenary of the founding of Finland. In addition to the previously in Finland flags for inspiration launched Ruutu-Unikko blue printing series, Finland designer Maija Louekari is the Finland Centennial to create a full of meaning

Groos| Holland proud product design sales network

The tutorial certainly is the major content Groos| Holland proud product design sales network Groos Holland is an original design products stores, designers design all sales products are local, from Home Furnishing products, clothing, daily consumables, paintings all have, the home sales platform has become a brand known to every family in four years. Four years ago Groos Yet what money is slowly emerging from a community shop started, they attracted hundreds of Rotterdam local designers and design brand with their own unique way, including the Wall Street journal, Elle, and Lonely Planet city guides have recommended Groos.

The LimeCrime| wizard Department of cosmetics brand

This article mainly introduces LimeCrime| Lime Crime Department of ELF cosmetics brand is a main line of the United States dream wizard makeup brand, features a jump off the ordinary, dreamy atmosphere, by Doe The founder of Deere, whose purpose is to launch the color, kill most saturated bright makeup, strong brand characteristics make Lime Crime in after the establishment of the past few years have accumulated huge supporters. Founder Doe Deere distinctive personal charm and taste is a major factor in the success of the brand to go out, like general Doe from fairy tales. Deere, love fantastic colorful dress style, even the hair often transform rainbow like every kind of color, which prompted her to release homemade cosmetics brand is due to her style, in the market is almost impossible to find her with the whole

The treasure | AI pocket translation artifact

The tutorial is the fundamental content | Po Ai pocket translation artifact translation (Travis) is a treasure hit off the team to design and develop an intelligent device of a Holland Holland, through artificial intelligence technology, it can realize the online real-time translation of 80 languages, and more than 20 languages simultaneous offline interpreting. [manual] translation translation treasure treasure breakthrough language, along with the shape; whenever and wherever possible, to explore the world, business travel, give you with the unique ability of any language chat. As a result, the real communication without borders! Travis translation treasure features: 1. languages: global coverage of 80 multilingual speech translation; 2. artificial intelligence: learning your chat habits, Practice makes perfect., less effective; 3. super capacity: dual core processor, high quality; 4. line translation: in addition to connect 4G

Nintendo NintendoSwitch game console

This short article primarily introduces Nintendo NintendoSwitch game console released Nintendo new Switch game console in Japan through a video Nintendo Co, is a multi-function game machine is provided with a base, an approximately seven inch 16:9 The big screen, plus wireless handle two component. The base can be connected with wireless home TV game console into common handle. At present, only known as "Nintendo Switch" game console using nVidia Tegra image processing chip, will be 2017 Listed. But for other specifications, battery life and price data are temporarily lacking, still need to wait for the official announcement further. Switch is both a host and handheld, the entire system including flat

Herthelabel| Australia swimwear brand

The tutorial is the primary content that Herthelabel| Australia swimwear brand Herthelabel Is a Sydney born Australian swimwear brand, specially designed for women young fashion style, but also let the microemulsion and skinny women have their own sexy swimsuit, HER know how to make women wear light and graceful swimwear also solve microemulsion female trouble. The design philosophy of HER is very simple, in reality has also pay attention to the design and manufacturing details, design style swimsuit the concept of simple and complex balance, the design quality of Italy luxurious fabrics, simple lines, and pay attention to other details, the focus of the application has a vision and concept of independent free thinking women. So why is the solution microemulsion female trouble? I think the chest is really too small, but also a squeeze

Sanrio Sanrio| cartoon characters

This article primarily introduces Sanrio| cartoon character Sanrio Sanrio (Sanrio, sytec, her only) is Japan's a company founded in 1960, is a famous brand of other characters of global publishers. The spirit gifts convey genuine business philosophy, dedicated to the great cause of Sanrio rich interpersonal communication. There are more than 500 cartoon stars Sanrio's, the spirit gifts convey genuine business philosophy, dedicated to the great cause of Sanrio rich interpersonal communication, meaning - Gift NEW The gift is not only used to express respect for others, trust, love, can also become a bridge and their inner world. Help people in the pursuit of happiness, for mutual understanding, to establish a good friendship with each other at the same time, Sanrio also provide leisure and meet the spirit of the people. The founder of that civilization is starting from the river, cases