Textile Museum of Canada

The tutorial would be the major content that Textile Museum of Canada Textile Museum of Canada (Textile Museum of Canada) is a collection of textiles and textile related archives Museum, founded in 1975, is located in the first Mierweishencun an ice cream shop upstairs, the collection is mainly around the purchase of travel of the carpet, in 1989 moved to its present location. The Textile Museum of Canada now collection of up to 13000 copies of textiles, from all over the world, covering the 2000 textile history, including cloth, clothes, carpets, blankets and handmade products. The Textile Museum also offers courses, roundtable discussions, performances and hands-on demonstration service.

ArtChatbot| online chat robot art appreciation

The tutorial is the fundamental content ArtChatbot| online chat chat robot robot Art Appreciation Art (Art Chat BOT) is an intelligent chat robot based on the category of art, can help users to find, understand and buy art works, users only need to input some knowledge of the arts, style, type, artist name, the robot can give you the answer.

DMH| Israeli Holon Museum Design

The tutorial is the principal content DMH| Israeli Holon Design Museum Design Museum Holon is a full Israeli government funded the design museum, Museum covers a total area of 4100 square meters, is one of the most important landmark design become Israeli Holon Design Museum, will showcase innovative things -- including Israel and the international fashion, furniture, technology and construction. This summer as the most important theme of the exhibition, "in the design of sound and material" (Sound and Matter in Design) will be turned into a museum to explore sound design and related materials giant interactive device. Did not enter the museum interior design, people can see the building exterior corrosion resistant steel wall is mounted on a group of speakers, the audience can control the sound of them personally. Enter the building

The British Philippa Rice artist

The tutorial certainly is the major content Philippa Rice Soppy- British artist [Photos] Philippa Rice enjoy the lingering sentiments Is a female artist in the UK, specializes in the discussion of mining creative inspiration, she works about love, lovers of illustration in love many people loved, such as "Soppy-" series of lingering sentiments.

Yili ErieArtMuseum| Museum of American Art

The tutorial will be the main content that ErieArtMuseum| Museum of American Art Museum of American Art (Yili Yili Erie Art Museum) is a company located in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania Art Museum, founded in 1980, has a collection of more than 8000 items, including the United States, Tibet, India bronze pottery painting and many other media. The museum is held every 18 to 20 times to visit the exhibition, and the exhibition with national and international partners to share part of the collection. In October 2011, the Erie art museum was awarded the museum and library service medal. The Erie art museum not only display works of art in the gallery space, has also been built to support the arts device. The museum includes a new entrance space and public space, to create a permanent and mobile display

CrossConnect| cross connect art magazine

The tutorial would be the foremost content CrossConnect| Cross Connect "cross connect art magazine Mag "is a vibrant arts community, all content is presented by the artists, if you are looking for a new found art, illustration and photography platform, the website may, every day there will be released new works of art, artistic conception and connotation and interpretation of works.

CMO magazine | emerging contemporary art magazine

The tutorial is the primary content that | emerging contemporary art magazine magazine Chi Chi Mei magazine (Beautiful Bizarre Magazine) is a carefully planned new contemporary art magazine, shows new works of art from all over the world and Australia, the magazine focused on art creators, manufacturers, distributors, and other institutions to promote works of art college. Most of the site's love for artists, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, designers and other people, every day to find and explore interesting and rich connotation of the works of art on the site, to encourage and inspire them to get more ideas of inspiration.

DigArt| Poland digital art community

The tutorial will be the main content that DigArt| Dig Art digital art community in Poland Poland is a local digital art community, help Paula local artists to show their work, mainly including photography, painting, art graphic design literature, to understand the Poland local art atmosphere may be concerned about the site.

The Annecy International Animated Film Festival

This article primarily introduces the Annecy International Animated Film Festival the Annecy International Animated Film Festival (Festival International Du Film dAnimation DAnnecy) is known as the animation Oscar International Animation Film Festival, the International Animation Association (International Animated Film One of the Association) approved by the 4 animation festival began in 1960. The Annecy International Animated Film Festival is currently the world's largest and highest level International Animation Film Festival, held in June each year, since the film festival was founded in Annecy, screened and award-winning film by ten to be too numerous to enumerate, all the film to show the International Animation Film Festival Xi Anna past history is very difficult.

SynapticStimuli| visual art appreciation culture network

This article mainly introduces SynapticStimuli| Synaptic Stimuli to enjoy the visual art culture is a shared visual art site, to spread the art of sharing art value concept, through the visual elements of culture and art to show the world the value of art, the site by Alex Grey was founded in 2009, has maintained a free advertising operation mode, users may wish to love art collection.