Disk Inventory X - disk usage the [Mac] visualization

The tutorial will be the main content that Disk Inventory X - disk usage the [Mac] visualization Disk Inventory from X Mac 10.3 has been living on the Mac platform. The software used energy block bright color strange performance file size, car people will be a slobber? @appinn download address: | download software from | niche website

BetterZip - [Mac] compression management essential

The tutorial certainly is the major content BetterZip - [Mac] compression management essential Zheng Ergou Mac in the most commonly used compression decompression software is BetterZip. The special technology to support password protection package, Mac package format conversion proprietary Win\/Lin compatible, and practical file search function can quickly locate files in compressed package. BetterZip interface that supports drag and drop, easy and comfortable. As the @appinn compression software, BetterZip inevitably support common compression formats: ZIP, SIT, TAR, GZip, BZip2, RAR, 7-Zip, CPIO

Font management tool - powerful portable NexusFont

Short article mainly font management tool This introduces NexusFont portable - powerful For designers, the installation of thousands of things is homely food in computer fonts. Sometimes in order to find an impression in the font, font to turn over from A to Z. @sfufoet I've tried several font management software, but not one in a niche, because it is not practical. After NexusFont test, I finally found a powerful and convenient, but also can give play to the label font classification, font font management tool (Tag). I @appinn on this computer has 2657 kinds of fonts, it will scan over ten seconds. Support custom preview text, you can also export the preview text.

NexusFile Explorer - like TC enhancement

Explorer The tutorial would be the major content that NexusFile TC - like enhancement Thanks to caiauto letter of recommendation. NexusFile is a Korean Explorer enhancement, similar to Total Commander. Different is that interface is more concise, clear. Used TotalCmd people know that very complex toolbar (especially the finished enhanced version) Small footprint (actually a little more than TotalCmd, about 11 M, but compared to other UltraExplorer near 40MB memory has been much better) Beautiful interface, can change the skin (the default black

Two CSV gadget

The tutorial is the primary content that two CSV gadget Excel can directly open the CSV file, when do not have Excel, CSVed can be used for emergency. Thanks to a small minority of readers recommended by dreamit: But the large amount of data, Excel open very slowly. This faster but also exported to HTML, RTF, WORD and so on, a lot of functions (unfortunately is not imported into the database, you want to import to the database, see this article. ). CSVed in the C:\Documents and Settings\ \Application Data\Sam Franck your username

How to let Win10 Edge instead of IE to open the link from QQ

The tutorial certainly is the major content in Win10 Edge and how to make non IE open link from QQ IE to Edge (FOG) solved in Windows 10, open the link from QQ will use IE to open the problem, let the flash, use Edge open. Frogling @Appinn Green Upgrade Windows 10 after decisively abandoned Win7, regardless of experience or speed, is the new era. Although many software not more upgrades, such as QQ, and then the IE to Edge (fog). The cat said @ subtly malicious classmates: The upgrade Wind

Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer - automatic time synchronization system

This article mainly introduces Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer - automatic time synchronization system Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer is a can automatically synchronize Internet and local time, keep the standard time. @Appinn @Scavin, the thing is, there's an old notebook, in replacement of the keyboard, motherboards, graphics cards, hard drives and power, currently in service. But the motherboard battery, each boot display in 2006, and comes with Windows time synchronization never succeeded, although you can do, but there is no way to use a variety of Internet services, because all of the cards

Update Checker - scan and prompts the need to update the software

The tutorial could be the key content Update Checker - scan and prompts the need to update the software Update Checker can scan tool and check the computer in the new version of the software has been installed, free installation of version will open the browser in the operation and after the scan, given the upgrade proposal, not with the automatic upgrade function. @Appinn students often ask the automatic upgrade tool, the general niche suggested that software update, which guarantees the common software updates, but also to those who never used the software to stay in the hard drive. In the small software group agency, a question: Dear God: for a computer software conscience The main function is: to remind can upgrade the current client, and can be prompted to download and Installation Tips

Gotcha! Data Backup - a key data backup system

The tutorial will be the main content that Gotcha! Data Backup - a key data backup system Gotcha! Data Backup can fast data backup system, including the system font, driver, sharing documents, Windows product key, Office product key, desktop, favorites, my documents, my pictures, my music, my video, download files, and some commonly used software such as Chrome, Firefox, Outlook data etc.. @Appinn "was not found in the testing process can backup Chrome data, perhaps is not my way but to open the automatic synchronization of Chro

IHTool - scan, modify the system image file hijack

This short article mostly introduces IHTool - scan, modify the system image file hijack IHTool is a system tool used to mirror scanning and modify the system in the hijacking file. The @Appinn image is generally used to debug the software developers hijacked, say simply a.exe b.exe two executable files, set after hijacking can achieve the result is double a.exe, the actual operation is b.exe, and regardless of the file in which position, as long as the file name unchanged, this has been hijacked. IHTool can scan to hijack the file already exists in the system, you can also create new hijacking. It can remove security software problems caused by the virus cannot be opened, can shield you don't want to transport