Zoko classic games: 3D Tuixiangzi [Web]

This article mostly introduces zoko - 3D [Web]: classic game Sokoban Zoko is an online game: Classic Sokoban, 3D, you can through a variety of games, and adds a dimension: height, the difficulty is not small. @Appinn archaeological it, Wikipedia said: "Tuixiangzi" is a classic electronic game, 1982 by the Japan Thinking Rabbit company issued for the first time. The other game developers to produce imitation or derivative works. The box has become synonymous with this kind of game. The game requires the game player to push the box to the designated location in the 2D map, which involves a large number of spatial reasoning. Remember the star green frogling spent a lot of effort

How to hide desktop icon text

This article mainly introduces how to hide desktop icon text Some classmates in micro-blog ask: Win7 desktop icon is too much, there is no removal of a desktop icon text gadget? This is a way, not only the modified icon for the shortcut text, with a beautiful icon. Desktop Icon Toy gives a reply this free software, but we can be better for the environment, and also does not require all of the icons are hidden text, or many of the same document icon, is in trouble You only need to rename the empty Icon on it, but the direct input space is not open the character mapping table (in start > Accessories > system tools) Scroll down to find the blank, such as: according to the selection, replication in point

Flash Chrome for frequent collapse in repair problems in Mac

This short article mainly introduces Flash Chrome for in the repair of frequent collapse problems in Mac Flash Chrome Dev for Mac in male frogs frequent collapse in almost two weeks, causing the browser often Caton very annoying, here is a simple way to temporary solution, and then wait for the official update to fix. Enter the @Appinn plugin page (the address bar directly enter chrome:\/\/plugins\/) Right click the details button. Find the Adobe Flash Player (3 files) version: 11.5.502.110 (your version may not be the same) Stop three

How quick clear clipboard in Win7

This short article mainly introduces to a Win7 under empty clipboard This tip teach you to use Windows native command quick clear clipboard, environmental protection, resources. @Appinn Delivery from anonymous users: For a long time, sometimes often carry things from the disk copy to the disk, or the disk copy data from the U to the computer, it will cause a problem, is my copy of a document, it occupies in the old system of shear plate inside, sometimes accidentally when I use when the right key is accidentally pasted to somewhere else. I have encountered many such problems. Solution: 1. suggest a clear clipboard shortcut Right click the desktop, select new > shortcuts in the object type

Empty recycle all accounts of the station

The tutorial is the principal content recovery station empty all accounts Uncle sun Ergou a family of public computer, each account. Two dog's parents would empty the recycle bin (yes, you're not wrong, is not! !). @appinn hard disk space remaining less, two dogs to regular parents were landing account empty the recycle bin, you can open a command line window as follows: Windows 7\/Server 2008 input in the command window: Rd \/s c:\$Recycle.Bin For Windows XP\/Server 2003 input in the command window: Rd \/s c:\recycler Via Cybernet News

Listen to the BBC broadcast by computer

This short article mostly introduces used the computer to listen to BBC real-time broadcast Mu two dogs as English learners and practitioners of the Internet BBC is full of admiration. We still have not heard the English when BBC has to speak English for many years. When everyone is not heard when the "BBC" standard, has been completely comply with the standard. In any case, he is in the hope of opening the computer icon BBC radio, to enhance the level of English listening. In fact, the official BBC provides a variety of technology Widget, can run on Windows, iGoogle, WordPress, Mac, Linux and other computer network platform. @appinn method

Enhanced CintaNotes script

The tutorial is the fundamental content enhanced CintaNotes script CintaNotes is a lightweight notebook software, the enhanced CintaNotes script, and only the only enhancements CintaNotes multi user \/ database application. @Appinn thanks to Ye Xiaofeng's recommendation, Gmail that can send the executable file is normal): many people are accustomed to using CintaNotes to work logs, but it has not been very annoying to support multiple users. This script enhanced CintaNotes realization approaches are: to establish multiple.Db database files in CintaNotes program directory

The application of [iOS - 2Do task management can help you call the limit free.

The application of [iOS This article primarily introduces 2Do task management, can help you call the limit free. 2Do is a work platform one-stop task management application, support task, project, listing three kinds of tasks to each task set such as phone calls, SMS, email, visit somewhere etc, can also create a list of smart, function rich, original price $14.99, limit free. Support Apple Watch. Compared with the @Appinn lightweight wonderful list, AnyDo, 2Do that belongs to a heavyweight. The right way to use 2Do is for each task to add detailed set, so as to make it work better. You can set the priority of each task and

Agomo - in the cloud detection and optimization and clean up your computer

The tutorial would be the major content that Agomo - in the cloud detection and optimization and clean up your computer Agomo is Piriform launched cloud monitoring, optimization and clean up the computer tools, the system can be information, network bandwidth, memory usage, CPU usage, the currently running process onto the cloud, can also run online CCleaner, Defraggler, and email system events, tall tool. On behalf of the @AppinnPiriform company as the pears, including the famous CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva, all included my favorite software list. Agomo is Pirif

IObit Uninstaller - Software uninstall tool

This short article mainly introduces IObit Uninstaller - Software uninstall tool IObit Uninstaller is a foreign software uninstall tool support mandatory uninstall, uninstall, uninstall, batch powerful search tools, a Chinese interface, and the portable version. @appinn download address: | download software from | niche website